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A speech to persuade a group of 6th formers to my view that deforestation should be banned. To be delivered in an assembly.

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A speech to persuade a group of 6th formers to my view that deforestation should be banned. To be delivered in an assembly. Deforestation is a major problem and it causes a number of disruptions. Did you know that an area of forest equal to 20 football or rugby fields is lost every minute? This just gives you an idea of how much deforestation takes place. Deforestation is known as the world's most pressing land-use problems, so don't you think that something should be done about this? The size of the world's forest total is 4.7%, yet emits 25% of the world total carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide greatly effects global warming. Did you know it accounts for at least half of the greenhouse effect? The problem occurs when these atmospheric gases, mostly produced by human activities, slowly warm the earth. Trees are half carbon and by burning them, all of that carbon is released into the atmosphere. ...read more.


We can use wood sparingly; we can learn how to make a low-cost, energy sufficient stove contact or we can use the "Wonder box" which is a cheap, simple way to save fuel, whether wood or electricity. There are plenty of things for us to do, so why is nothing being done? Wouldn't the world be a better place if the trees were left alone and animal's homes were left as they were? Some people try their hardest to save wood and energy and to recycle anything possible. We all need to do all that we can to save the forests. One day there will be no forests left; it will just be soil and many animals will be left with homeless and nowhere to live. Do we really want this to happen? I don't think we do. And I am sure if everyone tried to save the forests then we could make it happen. ...read more.


If you happen to visit East Africa now, you will find out that some of the lakes are drying up. The Lake Victoria level is reducing dramatically, soil is eroding and this could result in the death of the tourist industry. These are three major things that don't want to happen so how can we stop them? We can already see the warning signs but what can we do? We ignore them. These signs are the increasing incidences of floods, storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters; the emergence of new deadly and strange diseases - AIDS, the JE virus, Chicken Flu, and Mad Cow diseases. Why don't we forget about our fancy bits of wood, nicely cut and clean, from the DIY store. If everyone contributed to recycling, half of the rainforests in the world could be saved. So please think about this. Think what deforestation is doing to the world and how much damage it has caused. Everyone in the world can make a difference and so can you. Word count 811 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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