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Analysis and Interpretation - Locations that make up my local area

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Analysis and Interpretation Locations that make up my local area The places that make up my place are Peterborough, Spalding, Stamford and Market Deeping. These places surround the Deepings, and are also in my sphere of influence. Most of these places are used everyday, during both my school week and my holiday week. The only destination that is not used in the holiday week is school. This is because; unless you have a Saturday school or classes you will not use school until the holiday week is up. Changes between my term time and holidays During my holiday week, I went to a range of places however, in my school week I didn't go to many places, this is because in my term time (school week) I don't have time after school. My family tell me where we are going and when we are going to different places after school. I join in and go for the ride to various destinations and scenery. As well as this, the shape and size of my sphere of influence changes everyday between terms, because this is happened it is easier to compare my weeks. I rated each destination I went to in my term and holiday week, this is because I would like you to know what I feel about each place. ...read more.


The least favorite areas are my paper round and going to school. I did like school, before I was picked on. First of all I HATE my paper round. It is not very pleasant to be walking around freezing of just being alone; there are always bad days so you can get a cold. I am not that keen on school anymore, but I do like school on some days, it depends if anyone picks on me. My local area, I also use my local area in a different way. My family and me use Deeping for minor things, e.g. Milk, sweets etc, and there is less choice here, unlike Peterborough. I use Peterborough for big expensive gifts (if I can afford them), or I go out for a meal with my family. I use this area, of variety or choice; the Deepings don't have enough of it. This is why the Deepings aren't popular for shopping, or for going ice-skating, because there is more choice and you see more people you know. I never go to Peterborough alone, because I don't feel safe. How others use my local area I use Stamford to go and have a good day for shopping and going to see my mum at work, children on the other hand are more likely to go and play with games, or they might live there as a family and play indoors. ...read more.


I also think I should have mentioned where I went to eat and what I did eat in my charts. I would try and give the reader the chance to see my sphere of influence, so they could get the picture of how my sphere of influence changed. How I could extend my study I thought I could have extended my study by, giving some pictures of the places I visited rather than talk about them. If I could have done it again at a later date such as next year I would be able to understand more and explain more. I would also be more confident with my work and with myself. I have tried to tell the reader everything about my place without waffling to gain a higher result. I have taken points to help me from my year, for example Amy and Ellen. To extend my coursework more, I should not copy or use other peoples help unless they are a teacher, but to get into gear and to speak up when I am stuck and to make more notes, so I understand more. I know if I was confident with my work and with myself I would be lots better. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page By Victoria Tracey 9nml Geography Mrs. Dexter - coursework ...read more.

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