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Big Sur, California.

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Big Sur A whole wall of mountains plunges into the Pacific along ninety celebrated miles of the Californian coast. Its national parks preserve and protect the wild solitude that lures artists, pleasure seekers, and plain folk to Big Sur. As the twilight and fog blur the edges of water and stone, photographers and painters have long sought out the interplay of Big Sur's coves and cliffs, trying to "see this marriage of ocean and rock". While the last stars still fleck the sky, the heavens above Big Sur, California, shift to indigo, then milky white and then blue; the sea appears down below, more than a thousand feet drop, framed by the skinny eucalyptus trees and golden pampas grass that stands six feet tall. ...read more.


On a single day in summer, in the inland valleys, the temperature can plunge by fifty degrees, as clouds cover the ocean, then suddenly lift: the weather itself becomes an hourly event. The sea, too, is different in Big Sur because the waves are not washing up on a beach but foaming around rocks, there is a perpetual roar and boom and thud audible a thousand feet above in the hills. Around the motel-size town of Lucia the ocean has a pale blue-green clarity with almost a sense of sweetness that has never been perceived elsewhere on the Pacific coast. The ocean offers limitless horizons: there are seldom boats in the icy water, but never the oversize cruise ships. There are no oil derricks or islands in the distance. ...read more.


Most of all, Big Sur inspires thoughts of the heavens simply because it provides a humbling reminder of the forces much bigger than we will ever be. For many sightseers crawling along the cliff-top road in pea soup fog, haunted by the sound of the waves, the wrecks of cars and long-ago shops, Big Sur has a terrifying aspect. The lone road that makes its way through Big Sur is constantly cluttered with fallen trees and pieces of debris: the road itself is reduced to red earth in places by heavy rains and mudslides; and the asphalt is cracked, as if nature were reclaiming it. Big Sur will remain, for now and forever even after man ceases to exist, and it will defy the forces of nature. It is this unparalleled beauty that therefore summons us, to bow down to incredible Big Sur. ...read more.

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