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Cadbury Schweppes - Corporate Choice and Management "The role of the parent is to add value to the business units"

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Cadbury Schweppes: Corporate Choice and Management "The role of the parent is to add value to the business units" (Johnson and Scholes, 1999:296) Corporate Governance The Board of Directors of Cadbury Schweppes is responsible for ensuring that the Group competes successfully in an ever-changing environment, achieves its objectives and meets the needs of its stakeholders. During the last few years the Board has had to make many strategic decisions in order to best meet the needs of their customers and stakeholders. These decisions have included the sale of beverage brands in 160 markets to The Coca Cola Company so that the Group could concentrate on core products and provide better shareholder value. ...read more.


It had to ensure that the product portfolio is well balanced, complements each other, and matches the skills and competences of the Group to maintain competitive advantage. It focuses on heartland businesses that are easy to develop and enhance Strategic Business Units (SBU) strategies. There is a close fit between the critical success factors of the SBU's and the Board. This has been enhanced by the range of skills possessed by internal and external directors who have made various acquisitions and agreements between Cadbury Schweppes and other global companies. ...read more.


It follows a related diversification strategy that has to be carefully managed by the Board of Directors in order to have a positive effect on Cadbury Schweppes global operations. Financial Strategy Cadbury Schweppes' governing objective is growth in shareholder value. Its growth is measured in terms of increasing shareholder value by 10% each year, generating £150 million of free cash flow every year and by whether it doubles the value of shareowners' investment within four years. The Board of Directors is resp¥À xx?>0J2ÿÿÿ2Cadbb@_î°pD91/2EÜ/]@?åfP1/4^PWbP zB× Pÿÿã^ury Schweppes: Corporate Choice and ManagementTony Hobbs jeremy fensomþÿà...òùOh"'+'³Ù0´ Üèü $ <Hd p | "¤¬ä-3Cadbury Schweppes: Corporate Choice and Management-adb- Tony Hobbsw-ony-ony- Normalb- jeremy fensompe-2re-Microsoft Word 9.0C@@Ò¹5PYÀ@T,ÆÂ@T,ÆÂn Research and Development is quite substantia ...read more.

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