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Changes that have occurred in industry in South Wales since 1800.

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Robyn Atkinson 11i Changes that have occurred in industry in South Wales since 1800 The main industries that South Wales were dependent on since 1800 were mainly mining for coal, iron ore and limestone, manufacturing steel and labour. The main areas and ports in South Wales where the main industries were located were Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Ebbw Vale, Merthyr Tydfil and Port Talbot. Coal was mined locally in valleys in the large area between Ebbw Vale to Swansea. Iron ore was also mined in the area from Ebbw Vale to Aberdare, Limestone was also found and mined locally. The steel industry in South Wales decided to relocate because there was only one coal mine located in Tower Colliery. The only steelworks were located in Port Talbot and Llanwern and it seemed like quite a long way to bring the coal to the steelwork area. The area of South Wales was well equipt with all of the materials needed to produce steel easily, but then the area started to run out of some of the supplies of coal, iron ore and limestone. ...read more.


The steel industry changed in many other ways as well. Electronic Data Interchange, Research & Development and looking after the environment were ways in which the industry changed. Electronic Dat Interchange was when customers had the chance to order directly, delivery time could be estimated and the J-I-T method (just-in-time) started to be used like in Robyn Atkinson 11i Japan. Research & Development meant sharing ideas with customers and testinig and building prototype models for new types of steel or cars. Looking after the environment was done by doing many different things such as; reusing 4 million tonnes of steel per year, recycling iron ore because of its low resources, dust and heat energy being recycled, by making the amount of energy to produce a tonne of steel 25% less in 15 years and by using up derelict and redundant land. The government had also intervened in the industrial location by coming up with finantional aid. ...read more.


One the Bosch site of Miskin in Wales produces a range of advanced compact alternates for the automotive industriy. This was the company's first manufacturing venture in th UK. On the Bosch site in South Wales there are 950 people employed. Robyn Atkinson 11i The Bosch site is located close to the M4 nad railway link. It is also near Cardiff and Manchester airport and Cardiff and Dover seaports. Bosch specialise in making power tools, fuel lamps, domestic appliances, car radios, lawn-mowers and mobile telephones. Still not all areas of South Wales have benfitted from this industry. The narrow, steep-sided valleys of the Rhondda lined with terraced houses have been less attractive to the large new assembly industries. The industries have also taken up large flat sites positioned along the M4 corridor. The valley floors are often too narrow and the landscape is then scarred from years of coal mining and steelworks. An adequate flat site and access to an efficient transport network is essential for modern conponent-based industries this therefore means that uneven industrial developmenyt has meant that some areas have suffered as shown by local options. ...read more.

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