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Description of the annual rainfall graph for Kano, Nigeria

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Description of the annual rainfall graph for Kano This graph shows the annual weather change in Kano located in the north of Nigeria, West Africa at 12� N of the equator in the tropical continental. This graph illustrates small fluctuations in the temperature throughout the year, with only a range of 8�C (change from January to December), with the temperature staying very high throughout the year with as lows as 26�C. ...read more.


This is due to the concentration of the sun, as in equator were the sun is more concentrated outputting 1kw/m2 at a constant rate means temperatures are generally high throughout the year, with cooler seasons and warmer seasons (view graph).Also to contribute to the warm weather is the dark forest areas in the closed savanna, due to being dark the trees absorb the heat, this is not as likely in the open savannas. ...read more.


From the graph there is a distinct part of the month were the rain begins and end, this is from May to October, duration of six moths, and this is the main feature of the climate, the alternation of wet and dry seasons that occur when the heavy convectional storms form, that are two colliding fronts this causes very strong storms contributing to 80% of the annual rainfall in 4 months, these produce cumulonimbus clouds, torrential rain very dark clouds. ...read more.

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