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Destruction of One of the World's Most Breathtaking Natural Treasures

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Destruction of One of the World's Most Breathtaking Natural Treasures By: Howard Sun Date: October 6, 2003 Located on the Yangtze River near the city of Yichang, rise mountain peaks that form three beautiful gorges that form at the foot of these graceful mountains. At the heart of China, the Three Gorges is viewed by many people as a place of natural beauty and legendary history. It is a place that inspires authors, artists, and poets. However, all of this will be destroyed in 2009 in the completion of the Three Gorges Dam. Construction of the massive Dam began in 1994 and has caused continuous problems that will extend right through its completion. The huge setbacks in which the dam creates far exceed the minuscule gain that was intended. It presents economic problems, environmental problems, technological and social problems. ...read more.


All of this is great revolutionary thinking except that in the new millennium, newer, cheaper and better alternatives such as gas-fueled combined cycle plants produce virtually no pollution or greenhouse gases. Therefore, the environmental problems created by the dam will surpass the side effects of coal burning. Water pollution and deforestation are two primary examples that may come into play, as more factories and industrial ships are relocated near the reservoir. The dam would also alter the current ecosystem and threaten the habitats of various species of animals. The project would erode much of the coastline from excess logging and ruin the natural legendary beauty of the gorges, which will also harm the multi-million dollar tourism industry. Environmental problems are also created as a result of the dam. Although the installation of ship locks would increase the volume of river shipping dramatically, the heavy siltation will clog ports behind the dam within a few years and negate any improvements to navigation. ...read more.


Their local culture is being threatened, but worst of all their lives are in jeopardy. The social instability as well as the resentment from these people that are created as a direct result of the construction of the dam will be remembered for generations to come. A mistake was made in 1989. The primary motive of building the dam was for political reasons. Te dam would be the world's largest hydroelectric dam, which would show China's prestige and confirm its technological prowess and the superiority of socialism. This way of thinking totally neglects the economic problems, environmental problems, technological problems and social problems that it creates. The dam creates funding problems, erosion along the coastline of the reservoir, alteration of the ecosystems of many species of animals, water pollution, deforestation, resettlement of 15 million people and heavy siltation. As the final chapter of the story comes to an end, the Three Gorges Dam would become obsolete, and would show China's lack of responsibility in creating this expensive dormant monster. ...read more.

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