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For a coastal area you have studied (Thailand), you are asked to discuss the effects tourism has had.

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For a coastal area you have studied, you are asked to discuss the effects tourism has had. Named coastal area: I have studied Thailand, which is situated in the South-East of Asia, adjacent to Malaysia, Burma, China and Cambodia. Tourism is Thailand's number one industry, and figures prove to us that there is a great need for the tourism industry in Thailand, as Tourists bring money and supply jobs, creating a multiplier effect, which helps the country to improve its economy and to accomplish development. For example, Thailand has a GNP per capita of US$ 2, 740, whereas a more economically developed country such as the USA has a GNP per capita of US$ 26, 980, which proves how much Thailand needs to improve. I am going to discuss the effects of Tourism on the Island resorts of Koh Tao, Pattaya and also Koh Samui, which is an island off the East coast of Thailand. What are the attractions of the area? These resorts all have many attractions which are both human and physical. ...read more.


The resorts also offer activities that are water based such as snorkelling, diving and water skiing, Koh Samui offers road trips to Ang Thing marine park, and there is the opportunity to take excursions to golf courses, or to watch elephant shows or trained monkeys or to learn logging skills. The culture in Thailand is also an attraction, due to its historic buildings, festivals and events such as Nyepi, cultural markets, the variation of food, historic ruins, shops, and also tribal dancing, which is all available for Tourists to witness. Also the nightlife consisting of many bars, restaurants, and open-air discos is available, and make the resorts very attractive. Discuss the positive and negative social, economic and environmental effects (impacts) of Tourism in your specified area. As Thailand relies so much on Tourism as its number one industry, as what is needed to expand the economy and allow development to occur, it obviously has a positive impact. Therefore, you would think that the more money made from Tourism, the greater the economy and therefore the higher the levels of development. ...read more.


Not to mention the negative social effects if the rise in prostitution and child slavery in Thailand, resulting in Thailand becoming the second most affected AIDS area in the World. Also the cost of living is rising, not helped by the unequal income distribution, which has led to a wealth divide, meaning that poor Thais actually suffer more from Tourism, whilst richer Thais prosper. The Tourism Industry has also led to corruption in the government, and the lack of long term thinking in ways to help the country. Therefore the tourism industry in the coastal areas of Thailand that I have covered is generally positive, as it has created jobs using the multiplier effect, made more money for the economy, aided development, and made itself a place well known on the World map. However, there appears to be more negative effects socially, economically and environmentally than positive, concerning the lack of long term thinking in the government. So to conclude, I think that to an extent the tourism industry has a more negative effect on the coastal areas, but there are also positive effects, some of which out weigh the negative. Out of 8 marks. Alice Marmion 11W ...read more.

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