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How can brazil continue to develop without causing long term damage to the amazon

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How can brazil continue to develop without causing long term damage to the amazon? Introduction As part of this essay I will be discussing the issues involved with Brazil's Amazon rainforest and how they as a country can use the rainforests resources for their development, without impairing the ability to use those resources in the future. In other words it is saying that Brazil should not cause long term damage to the rainforest when extracting resources. This is called sustainable development, and as it suggests, it means to sustain the environment whilst also continuing to develop their needs. However, there are several issues surrounding this, some people are for sustainable development and others disagree and say it still causes damage. I will be talking about the different ways in which Brazil can use sustainable development, and also the arguments that are brought up. At present the rainforest has a phenomenal amount of assets, including the foundation of materials of the items we buy in shops. ...read more.


This is what many people fear to lose, as well as the many range of plants that provide us with chocolate and also some of the most important medicines and cures. However, there are also many beneficial factors of development. Some people argue that why have the different plants and trees that give us fine furniture, chocolate and coffee if they are not going to be used in development to eventually be sold to us. The people of Brazil rely on this development to maintain what is their daily life. As Brazil is an LEDC it needs to 'exploit' the rainforest or use its resources to increase industrial growth and international trade, it is their income that is the final result for them. They would feel their quality of life would be very poor if not able to use the materials able for them to develop. Sustainable Development Currently the Amazon is being used for many development projects including cattle ranching, forestry, transport, small scale farming etc. ...read more.


Conclusion In conclusion to this essay question on how Brazil can continue to develop without causing long term damage to the Amazon, I would say strongly that sustainable development is the way forward and the resolving matter of conflicts. Although there will still be arguments for and against any subject that is taken into action, these are better that they take place while sustainable development is in action rather than still debating and continuing the way it is. When looking at the figures, that the global rates of destruction of the rainforest are one hectare per second, this is the equivalent of two American football pitches. It is shocking to see this happen and the devastating knock on effects it will have on the planet in the future. So Brazil can continue to develop by using means of sustainable development and at the same time not inflict a significant amount of harm to the environment. ...read more.

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