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How do BMW deal with their responsibilities to care for the environment and what initiatives do they employ?

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How do BMW deal with their responsibilities to care for the environment and what initiatives do they employ? The company that I have chosen to investigate is BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) The history of BMW is that of innovation, dedication and determination. A German man called Karl Rapp founded it just over ninety years ago and ever since then it has been a company of distinction designing high quality luxury cars and powerful engines for planes and other general use. I decided to study BMW as they are involved in industrial manufacturing it means than they have a direct responsibility for the care of the environment and as with all companies involved with large scale production they produce certain amounts of harmful waste and other forms of pollution. As with many large multinational companies BMW do recognise that they have a key role to play in making sure that production is completed as efficiently as possible. ...read more.


From the extraction of raw materials and the manufacturing process to vehicle utilization and the recycling of all environmental impacts are analysed. The aim is to identify among alternatives that offer the greatest potential for increasing environmental compatibility through the entire life cycle of BMW vehicle. Reducing Packaging Waste BMW are working on reducing the amount of solid waste that ends up in landfill sites. The main way that they are managing to do this is by using returnable containers which can be reused many times and as a result the amount of packaging waste is decreasing quickly. (See appendix) Lead free paint BMW apply their cars with an anti-corrosion coating. This coating in the past had contained lead, which meant that recycling was made very difficult once the car came to the end of its use. Improving Efficiency and Reducing Waste When a BMW car is painted the same paint nozzle is used what ever the colour the car is due to be painted. ...read more.


Conclusion As the BMW Group is a company operating on an international level, it must take a stand on global problems. It is a well-known fact that humans play a significant part in the damage done to the environment. The climate is changing and we do not have unlimited conventional energy resources. From the use of water-based paints to reduce harmful air emissions to hydrogen powered cars BMW show that are committed to environmental protection. From this study I can see that the BMW Group are aware of this situation and is actively seeking innovative, and above all, practical, solutions. They accept their responsibility to care for the environment, and want to offer the next generation and the best possible solutions. I have seen that BMW are doing their up most to conserve the environment and their original ideas and dedication that they pride themselves on helps to maintain their position as a well respected and huge force in the motor industry. BMW's care for the environment is obviously a big factor and well publicised, which helps them to remain ahead of their competitors in nearly every aspect of their varied business. ...read more.

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