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Investigating and comparing the development of Gambiaand Masai Mara. Showing the impacts of tourism on the physical environment and on the local community in the two locations.

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Investigating and comparing the development of Gambia and Masai Mara. Showing the impacts of tourism on the physical environment and on the local community in the two locations. Introduction I have chosen Gambia and the Masai Mara in my investigation because they are two contrasting locations. For these locations I have chosen I will be showing how each country has developed into a tourism destination and showing the impacts of the physical environment and the local community. I am going to be studying these to locations separately and then in the conclusion I will be comparing the two locations. Below is a map of Gambia taken from: - http://www.geographyiq.com/countries/ga/Gambia_The_map_flag_geography.htm Gambia it self is a winter sun holiday (Nov-Apr). It has Beach resorts, boat ride/wildlife, beautiful beaches and a big advantage for the tourists and the local people, is that the local people speak English. There is many misunderstandings and inequalities which are that the hosts think that tourists are very wealthy and they will just keep giving and they feel they have unlimited spending so they tend to beg. The Tourism in The Gambia started in the 1960s this was, when Gambia got independence from Britain. In recent years there have been quite a few impacts on tourism. Several of impacts which have effected the physical environment of the country and some the cultural aspects. The Gambia Local community The Gambia is a small country on the west coast of Africa. ...read more.


This information was taken from http://www.subrosa.uk.com/tourism/ The information shows us how the Gambians are trying to rely on the benefits of tourism as they bring in employment, and cultural exchanges. But the tourists never take in account of three key ideas: - 1) A holiday destination is someone else's home. 2) People can benefit but can lose out from tourism development in their locality. 3) Our choices and actions (tourists) as holidaymakers have consequences for the people who live in tourist destinations. Dress in Gambia is always seemed to be a problem but it also could have it's positive impacts: - - Clothes worn by the tourists in such a destination could promote the destination itself e.g. in brochures or post cards. This would lead to inviting more people and attracting them to come to Gambia. - Hosts preserve pride in their culture and may revive interest in traditional costume. Religion is a major role in Gambia as they are mainly all Muslims (90%+). Religion us a strong and major influence on the holidaymakers it teaches how to change there attitudes towards food, drink, clothing and manners. Arts and crafts production and quality is not always positive. Here is a photograph taken from http://www.gambianews.com/clientwebs/tourism-govt/MinTourism-photographs.htm This shows us some of the traditional ways of dressing and the way the live there livelihood. Environmental Impacts The environments quality in The Gambia is natural and man-made. ...read more.


The Gambia is a coastal resort so it attracts different people to the Masai Mara. Such as people who like the safari and who like animals and wildlife to people who like the sun, sea and sand. The Gambia is more likely to attract youngsters (20+) because it's more of a sea, sand and sun which young adults tend to like and explore. Whereas the Masai Mara will be opposite to this as it will want more old adults to come as it is more like a safari. The people who was go to The Gambia may have children who are young and who would rather enjoy it in the seaside resort rather than the safari's where they may even get scared of the animals. Whereas when you are at an old age you don't really have much to worry about because your children maybe in university or even married with there own family. So you have more time on your hand so you could go around the world visiting places of your choice. Also they would prefer to go see wildlife in Kenya because it would help them learn about the culture and the different traditions, than going on to a normal holiday with sea, sand and sun. Also people go on holidays for different reasons such as in the Gambia a person may go there for just peace and quiet and have a relaxing time where as in the Masai Mara the person would want to have an adventure and explore about animals. ...read more.

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