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Managing a habitable planet

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Managing a habitable planet Brian Lockyer GEO1007s Plagiarism Declaration 1. I know that plagiarism is wrong. Plagiarism is to use another's work and pretend that it is one's own. 2. I have used the Harvard convention for citation and referencing. Each contribution to, and quotation in, this essay from the work(s) of other people has been attributed, and has been cited and referenced. 3. This essay is my own work. 4. I have not allowed, and will not allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as his or her own work. Signature ______________________________ Managing the Earth is crucial in ensuring the sustainability of life on our planet. The earth is a very dynamic system that consists of a variety of different parts that function in unison in order to facilitate life, any significant deviation away from the norm could potentially pose many devastating repercussions that could threaten the sustainability of life on our planet. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we cherish and protect our invaluable asset that is the Earth in order to ensure future sustainability. This essay will focus on providing a link between Earth System science and Earth Stewardship Science and how we can successfully manage a habitable planet. The need to manage the earth sustainably is closely linked to the idea that there is a relationship between living standards and energy usage. ...read more.


Mitigation and adaption are two concepts that have enabled many countries to set realistic development and economic goals whilst reducing emissions. However, whilst policies such as mitigation are useful for reducing global warming, more effective policies need to be instilled that will not only reduce global warming but also reverse it. More effort needs to be put into finding and developing alternative cleaner energy sources that will provide sufficient, clean and effective sources of power. Alternatives such as hydro electric power, geothermal power and nuclear power are all potential alternatives. The need for new technological advancements in the field of geo-engineering is also of primary importance and there is a necessity for research into the viable ideas in order for success in the future. Many people believe that the main instigators of climate change are the developed world and therefore they have to take more responsibility for their actions, in truth, the developed world is far more to blame for rendering the planet susceptible to climate change and therefore they should have to take more responsibility for their impacts and bear most of the brunt. The implementation of policies such as the Kyoto protocol are essential in reducing global emissions but it doesn't help if the world's most potent polluters are reluctant to fully adhere to the necessary legislation, in short, global cooperation is critical for any changes to occur. ...read more.


It is evident that more radical measures need be implemented as the current measures are insufficient in limiting environmental damage and degradation. Global environmental problems such as air pollution interfere with almost all sectors of society and as a result, call for a more multi issue approach to environmental protection. There is a need for the implementation of effective strategies that will ensure the reduction of pollution both small scale and large scale. Global environmental problems and there solutions should be based on national and international projects and should be coordinated according to environmental objectives, technical solutions, infrastructural changes, financial means and public response and participation. At the moment sustainable development is a concept that is inconceivable, there is a need for a global economic restructuring and a greater emphasis placed on the enforcement and implementation of policies that ensure environmental protection. If the endeavour to ensure sustainable development does not become a reality in the foreseeable future there are likely to be large-scale and widespread global repercussions. Enforcing effective measures to combat global problems will require an unprecedented effort, complete global cooperation - a new world order. Despite the recent global advancements in technological prowess the truth of the matter is that no technology, no matter the strength or complexity has the sophistication to avert the impending environmental problems. A global, interdisciplinary approach is needed, a completely new and revived way of thinking and behaving is the necessity. ...read more.

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