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My favourite place would have to be a small town called Nerja situated in the Spanish region of Andalucia in the south of Spain.

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My favourite place would have to be a small town called Nerja situated in the Spanish region of Andalucia in the south of Spain. The town has been there for over 2000 years. Nerja is a coastal town and is situated between a vast field of mountains and the sea. It is full of steep hills that all lead down to the beach. All the way through the town there is a sense of tranquillity and rest. Although the town relies on tourism for income it is not like the more commercialised towns found further down the coast such as Toremilinos and Marbela. Throughout the year the town is full of beauty. In spring the trees blossom and plants grow. In summer the sea shines a beautiful blue and the sun rays blaze on the white buildings of the town. In autumn the town is covered in a thick blanket of pink flowers as if the town has been covered in strawberry Ice cream, and in winter, it rains. ...read more.


Every morning at about 8 o'clock I go for a run. I go out of the villa gates say hello to the gardener and head for the beach. Once on the beach I turn right and head towards a flight of steps. Beyond the steps is a quarter of a mile run full of beauty. The route is full of terracotta-coloured rocks and cliff faces. The rocks are covered in plants and it is likely you will come across many birds including parrots. Halfway through the run there is a little patch of sand in something resembling an arc. After climbing over the smaller rocks you come to what my dad and I call 'Eatwell Cove'. When we discovered it it was so beautiful we decided to make a sign saying Eatwell Cove in the sand for all to see. It is only a small beach and there is only enough room for one family. ...read more.


There were many stalagmites and stalactites. There were also many skeletons and Stone Age tools. This year was the twenty fifth anniversary and they had a three day fiesta to celebrate it. On the first night there was tribal dancing from the tribes of Africa. On the second was Modern flamenco and on the third was classical guitar music. At night when we get home we relax and talk about what we have done that day and play a game of some kind. More often than not the game is either trivial pursuits (I win of course) or Monopoly. After that we relax by looking up into the clear skies at the millions of stars and if we look hard enough we sometimes see satellites. When we go to bed all you can hear is the endless symphony of the cicadas and all you can see if you wake up is the light show put on by the fireflies. Whenever I leave Nerja I always take one last look around the Villa and it's gardens and then think, "I'll do it all again next year". ...read more.

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