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Outline the strategies for improving air quality in cities in both LEDC and MEDC and evaluate how successful they have been.

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Outline the strategies for improving air quality in cities in both LEDC and MEDC and evaluate how successful they have been. Most cities suffer from air pollution . It is cities in the LEDCs that suffer severe air pollution due to the rapid growth in population and increases in motor vehicles and industrialization. This is made worse by lack of legislative controls on the sources of pollution and the inadequate policing and enforcement of laws to control emissions. In MEDCs like Los Angeles the government has indroduced regulations on everything from the use of motor mowers, furniture polish and emissions. As there is a mandatory state side introduction of cleaner burning gasoline (CBG) introduced in March 1996. ...read more.


There is continued comment about rail operators improving rail services and reducing over crowding on their peak hour trains. In other Citites such as Manchester the initiatives have proved to be successful they show that attractive public transport can drag some commuters away from their cars. In its first year the metrolink tram service and its fleet of twenty four trams carried more than nine million passengers, nearly twice the number expected . However to some commuters these strategies have not worked, some surveys have shown that some commuters, even after swingeing increases in cost on motoring, would both loath to desert their cars. As well in London in response to the 1952 smog the government passed legislation to phase out coal fires, which meant initially many people transferred to paraffin heaters. ...read more.


Levels fro both pollutants are expected to exceed their targets for central London and around Heathrow Airport. On the other hand in LEDCs like Mexico City which has one of the worst records for air pollution have attempted to colour code permits allowing vehicle access into the city on certain days has reduced the number of vehicles by 400,000 a day. Air quality improved by 15%. Taxis over 10 years have been replaced and Lead petrol has been cut by 50% . As well to combat the problem of cars without catalytic convertors some 60% of those on the road are prohibited from circulating one day of the week. The goal is to convert vehicles in intensive use first such as buses and delivery trucks. Ecomex which is natural gas thinks it is only a matter of time before private car owners switch to natural gas as well. Overall it would seem these schemes have been successful ...read more.

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