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Overall the investigation I carried out to see if the Greenwich peninsula had been a successful development went very well.

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Millennium way John Harrison way Sainsbury's Bugsby Car/Van //// //// //// //// //// //// //// // //// //// /// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// // Bus //// //// //// //// // //// // Lorry // ____ _____ // Motorbike ____ ____ _____ ____ Fig 1.1 Traffic and Transport on the Greenwich peninsula. From fig -1.1 we can see that greater number of cars and lorries pass by the Bugsby way compared to other locations such as John Harrison way, sainsbury's, and millennium way. This is because Bugsby is located near a motorway- the A102 that gives easy access to other roads, therefore people choose to travel through this rout. The streets are also wider which can accommodate larger number of cars and lorries. On the other hand the flow of buses on the Millennium way is more frequent compared to other locations such as John Harrison way, Sainsbury's, and Bugsby. This is because Millennium way is located near the north Greenwich tube station (Fig1.2). The buses are more frequent in this area to meet the demands of buses, as many people use the bus to get to the tube station and also people who used the tube to travel to the Greenwich use the Bus to go around the Greenwich area. John Harrison way has the least number of cars passing by compared to other locations, as it is a residential area. The streets are also narrow. The information we got may be biased because of the time of day we went which was from (11-3.30)- off peak time. But if we went at the rush hour time which is from 4.30-7 P.M. the information could have been different. What is the quality of the environment on the Greenwich peninsula? To investigate the quality of the environment on the Greenwich peninsula we filled in a questionnaire for each site, which asks about noise level, litter, quality of the landscape and the built environment. ...read more.


Therefore the time it took them to get there is likely to be the same. From this graph we can clearly see most people feel that transport provision available in the Greenwich peninsula is sufficient, but we can also see that there are a number of people who are dissatisfied with the transport provision available. Overall we can conclude by saying that Greenwich peninsula provides a sufficient transport provision to the people. The information we got may be biased because of the time of day we asked this question which was from 11.00pm to 1:30pm. If we asked people who use the transport in rush hour we might have found different answers. This is because the efficiency of transportation facilities matters a lot at rush hours, so it makes it easier to judge the efficiency of the facilities. From the above graph we can see that most people who travelled to the Greenwich area are not residents, but commuters. The number of people who travelled to the area for shopping are equal to the number of people who are residents in that area, whereas there are no people who came to the area for leisure reasons. From this we can conclude by saying that the Greenwich peninsula is a residential and shopping area. The information we got may be biased because of the day we went to the Greenwich peninsula, which was Monday. Monday is a day of work- most people are at work and teenagers are at school. Therefore there are a minimum number of people around leisure areas. From this graph we can see that the residents of the Greenwich peninsula and the people who come to shop in the area feel that there are adequate shopping facilities in the area. There was only one person who was dissatisfied with the shopping facilities that were available there. Overall Greenwich peninsula consists of adequate shopping facilities. ...read more.


The information I got from the data is mostly biased. If I was to do this coursework again I will plan my methodology to avoid biased information. For example: - to find out what people think about transport provision available in the area I can ask different peoples' opinion at different times of the day. E.g. ask twenty people at peak time and another twenty people at off peak time. I wouldn't also carry out my survey in one big store like I did first. I would select my questionnaire respondents randomly from different sites. I would also segment the respondents in their age group and occupation so that I will be able to see how different groups of people's opinion differ from one another. I would also carry out personal interviews to see what people think about the development of the area. I would ask them to comment on how successful the development of Greenwich peninsula has been from their point of view and to back up their answers with reasons. In general the survey I conducted was poorly designed therefore I would design my own questionnaire taking the things that could affect the answers I get into consideration before asking a certain group of people. This would help me get accurate information. Sphere of influence of Greenwich peninsula Site one Site two To know where people travel from to use the area I recorded where the tax disc was bought for at least ten parked cars at two different sites. As we can see from fig3.1 Greenwich serves areas other areas outside of Greenwich. Although Greenwich serves other areas outside of Greenwich it has a small sphere of influence. Most people who traveled to the area are from London, which is not far from Greenwich. E.g. West Ham, Wood Green, and Islington. This is due to the limited services provided by Greenwich. E.g. There was no sign of secondary school, big department stores, churches, Banks and so on. ?? ?? ?? ?? Geography Coursework by Sophia Sanny ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Global Interdependence & Economic Transition section.

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