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Reforestation is the propagation of trees by natural or artificial means, or it can be defined as the process of restoring tree cover to area where woodland or forest existed but was destroyed.

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Reforestation Zaid Al-Radaideh Reforestation is the propagation of trees by natural or artificial means, or it can be defined as the process of restoring tree cover to area where woodland or forest existed but was destroyed. Reforestation is seldom a critical issue because the native forests are so flexible that, gives any opportunity, they will quickly re-establish themselves. The importance of trees is to take carbon dioxide from the air, which is one of the factors that are responsible for the green house effect. One of the solutions, which were proposed to cut down the increase of carbon dioxide in the air, is to replant both on land and in the oceans to decrease the overall carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, this could be accomplished by reforestation on land and plankton seeding in the oceans. Since increasing levels of carbon dioxide are believed to lead to increased temperatures, any means of decreasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would have an overall mitigating effect on the global warming. ...read more.


Another advantage for reforestation is that is used for soil erosion, it is one of the best methods used to stop soil erosion around the globe. The add of forest cover can stop the flooding and soil erosion. The roots of the trees which are planted or restored into land can force the soil to stop eroding by making the soil particles stack together forming a net like shape which is not easily eroded by the flooding or rain, which stops the spread of disease vectors' environments, because some of the disease might move from one place to another by soil erosion which will damage the environment and a cause an unbalance in the ecosystem. Some of the trees that is being replanted needs a lot of time to reach maturity which is another obstacle in front of the people who want to use reforestation as proposal to stop soil erosion, flooding and offset carbon dioxide emissions. Some of the trees are deciduous trees (hard wood) ...read more.


The Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed started a project since 1997 the staff and thousands of volunteers to restore over 3400 linear ft. or eroded stream banks and planted over 7000 trees. From the above I can summarize that reforestation is one of the proposals that have been mad to offset the carbon dioxide emissions as well as to stop flooding and soil erosion. Reforestation has a list of advantages and disadvantages, and from my own knowledge I can see that the advantages exceed the disadvantages which makes the proposal a good solution to stop the unbalancing that is going to occur if the carbon dioxide is going to continue to be produced and the population of the people as well as the more quantity demanded for wood, deforestation is going to make a increase of 25% of the total annual net of the production of carbon dioxide. This method should be used by other countries that have lots of carbon dioxide emissions and pollutant gases in the atmosphere so as to clean the air and atmosphere from dangerous and hazardous gases that might affect the environment. ...read more.

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