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Should new Runway space be built in the South -east?

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"Business Studies Coursework- Watford Grammar School for Boys" Should new Runway space be built in the South -east? I will discuss whether the new runway space should be built in the South -east looking at advantages and disadvantages from the South -east community along with other stakeholders drawing to a conclusion. Accordingly the secretary of state created RUCATSE (Runway Capacity to serve the South -east). This working group was set up to monitor the Civil Aviation Authority work. The RUCATSE made a detailed study in which they examined all their options. This led to the conclusion that the current four major airports of the South -east were the only realistic prospects for the creation of a new runway. The four airports are: Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick and Luton. The working group prepared a report on the viability of building a new runway at each of these four sites. After the completion of the reports, Heathrow was selected as being the optimum site for expansion. ...read more.


If a runway space is built than it will affect the stakeholders in a positive and a negative way. The stakeholders that will be affected positively are the shareholders because when there is an increase in trade larger profits will be created meaning shareholders will receive larger dividends. The potential customers will be effected positively because there will be an increase likelihood of the business coping with the demand and granting them a flight. Another disadvantage would be that some of the community will be forced to re-locate because the runway space will be built on the plot where there are many houses. Therefore they will face a negative externality. The South -east is the most heavily populated area. Any expansions in terms of runway capacity must necessarily compete with other land use whose needs might outweigh those of the airport industry. And yet airports in the South -east are the most heavily populated area. Any expansions in terms of runway capacity must necessarily compete with other land use whose needs might outweigh those of the airport industry. ...read more.


However some of the figures are debateable for instance the TUC's estimate of hundred pounds increase in the average from London airports by 2030; could well be way of the mark. It is impossible to take inflation and other criteria into an effect nearly a quarter of a century before 2030. There is no way of accurately assessing how many million passengers journey's will be gained or lost so far ahead: we do not know what needs and choices the next generation will have regarding flights. It is very speculative. Although it is a tough decision on whether and where to build a new runway in the South -east, I feel on balance that a new runway is a basic necessity rather than just desirability. My preference, having studied the evidence, is to start building as soon as possible at Heathrow. This is the acknowledged principal airport of London and people living in the area are already accustomed to constant flights in and out, noise, pollution, vibration and all other aspects of inconvenience to residents and workers in this area. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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