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Should we ban cars?

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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY BANNING CARS There are always two sides of the story. In this essay I am going show the good points and the bad points about banning cars. Many things have to be considered before a change of this magnitude can happen. I will also express my own pinion to show what a person of the public would think of the change. The good points weigh out the bad points by a long way. One big reason for this is pollution and the environment. The environment has been effected by cars and their pollution from the time cars were invented. The pollution that comes from cars is made up of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and many other poisonous gases. ...read more.


From a persons point of view banning cars would be great they would become more fit and healthier from walking or riding. There would be less need for doctors and argent cases could be looked at sooner. People would spend less money on doctor's fees and hospital costs. People wouldn't have to pay up to 50 dollars a week on petrol and the cost for car maintenance. The deaths on the road would almost be zero except for public transport accidents. Emergency services could respond a lot quicker with no traffic to contend with. There would be many problems if cars were banned. The time taken to get from one place to another would be ridiculous. ...read more.


The price for public transport would go through the roof and taxes would have to rise to pay for the public transport. Both sides of the argument have points but I believe that the argument for banning cars has better more logical points. I think that if we don't look after the environment now there won't be any environment for our children to enjoy. I also believe that banning cars would severely cripple the economy and put the country into recession. A good solution would to produce a cheap economic and environmentaly friendly fuel for cars. Some of these fuels are being used and researched. The problem is that the new fuels won't be released quick enough to save the environment. Over all I think the government needs to put more money into Research and development to improve not sacrifice the Australian life style. ...read more.

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