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Sydney Bushfires 1994

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SYDNEY BUSHFIRES 1994 Introduction My case study for a particular natural hazard is the Sydney Bushfires of 1994. From 27th December 1993, to 16th January 1994, NSW suffered a total of 800 destructive bushfires, most within 250km of Sydney. They ran from the coast of the Queensland border, to Bega and as far in as Bathurst. These fires attracted world wide coverage, as theoretically, Sydney had been surrounded by fires and all major highways leading to this city had been closed. Processes Around 90% of the total fires were started by arsons, the rest by lightning strikes. The fires spread at tremendous speeds due to the dry conditions, as no significant rainfall had been recorded in NSW. Humidity (10%) ...read more.


Many businesses and infrastructure were also burnt down. 600km of fencing were destroyed and over 7km of fire hose melted. Responses Approximately 20000 volunteer firefighters were deployed from all over Australia and New Zealand along with diverse numbers of fire trucks and helicopters. The Navy, Army and Air Force were also called in to join the firefight. Post Bushfire, the Lord Mayor of Sydney initiated the Sydney's Bushfire Appeal, which raised a total of $6,000,000 for the survivors. Prime Minister Paul Keating also encouraged generosity to charities. In response to the damage, insurance companies paid out $58,000,000 in damage payments to the victims. Many other abundant companies, church groups, schools and charities appealed for citizens to donate generously to the victims of the 1994 Sydney Bushfires. ...read more.


Another great site for bushfire management on the individual level would be: http://www.nrma.com.au/pub/nrma/home/homehelp/secure-protect/bushfires/preparation.shtml On a community level, people must help with each other's bushfire preparation. Towns/suburbs should also be prepared for the worst and the elderly, frail and people of unsound mind should be continuously monitored. Refuge Sites must be sought and even a Neighborhood Evacuation Plan should be available. Communities need to manage this crisis carefully otherwise tragedies may occur. A good resource for this management would be http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/dsp_content.cfm?CAT_ID=184 The Government must also be ready to aid the evacuees from bushfire affected areas. Safe-houses should be set up for victims, and adequate firefighters and equipment are readily available to combat the fires. The government must also reassess its options or call on the community for advice in the likelihood of a bushfire. Some legislation concerning relief funds and mitigation processes can be found at: http://www.dotars.gov.au/disasters/bmp/guidelines/index.aspx ...read more.

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