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The aim of my project is to find out how important Ballymena is to Co. Antrim as the service centre.

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Introduction The aim of my project is to find out how important Ballymena is to Co. Antrim as the service centre. To help with my project I have prepared these hypothesis, and to see whether they are true or not? * There is a strong correlation between centrality index and the population of Ballymena. * Ballymena is one of the top urban hierarchies in towns with similar population and size. * In Ballymena all the companies with high order services are grouped around the CBD. * That people in Ballymena value the shopping facilities available to them more than any of the other services questioned. * That people will travel relatively far to come to work or shop in Ballymena. Ballymena is an urban town situated approximately 27 miles away from Belfast, which is the capital of Northern Ireland. This urban settlement covers 200 squared miles of land, with its rich countryside and traditional farms. As Ballymena is settled on flat, fertile ground it has perfect grounds for farming. The population of this town is approximately 58,500. A well know river runs through this industrious town, this river is the River Braid. This town supplies many people with their everyday day needs such as local modern schools, key market's and shopping centre's. ...read more.


At this time in Ballymena's population growth there was a vast increase of 1000 people. Gallagher's factory was established in 1945, and then thirty years down the line Michelin was established. Michelin proved to one of Ballymena's major factories. Also in 1945 there was another significant increase in the population. This is when Ballymena was recognized as a key settlement in Northern Ireland. In 1985 the population had increases to 32,000 people; that had been an increase of 18,500 people within a forty-year period. By this time Ballymena was attracting all sorts of people with all sorts of business, but then the Fair Hill market closed down. This showed that the town was moving on from its pre dated trading and was moving forward to the retailing centres. The town had to accommodate with the increase in population so new services were provided and new roads were built. The most resent road was the M2 to Belfast, which opened early 2002. Ballymena could now adapt to the new range of commuters and retail workers that have settled in the town. Ballymena in Context The settlements in Ballymena are mostly comprised of linear and nucleated settlements. The linear settlements are like ribbon developments as the can be long and narrow in shape. ...read more.


Furthermore I had to have some sort of significant asking process. I designed a theory that I would ask every fifth pedestrian that walked by me, despite what gender they were, or what age they were. I also collected all the information that the other students in my year obtained, as this would give me a different array of results and widen my range of answers. On the questionnaires there were 10 questions starting with their gender, age, how far away do they live from Ballymena, where is there nearest town? Then I asked them to rate these services in Ballymena: entertainment, sport, shopping traffic, car parking. Their choice's ranged from very poor to very good. I think that this questionnaire will ensue reliable statistical information. This shows the number of males and females asked the questionnaire. This graph shows the age of the people interviewed. Other results from the questionnaire: Very Poor Poor Satisfactory Good Very Good Entertainment 50 49 130 46 24 Sport 13 42 138 86 29 Shopping 4 15 33 118 155 Traffic 112 98 68 21 4 Car Parking 38 48 99 96 25 This shows that the majority of people thought that the traffic was in a very poor state. Shopping was ranked first in the very good category. This shows that the shopping services are at a very high standard. ...read more.

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