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To what extent has Swansea been successful in its transition from an old industrial base to a service based economy? Give evidence to support your answer.

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Question To what extent has Swansea been successful in its transition from an old industrial base to a service based economy? Give evidence to support your answer. Answer Swansea has been a coal mining town since the 14th Century where coal measures promoted mining within the Lower Swansea Valley and as time progressed so did the technology within the industry. Further industrial development led to the formation of metal smelting industries, at around 1717. These metal industries included copper, zinc, gold, silver and lead. They employed thousands of people in non-ferrous smelting within the area. Although by 1920, these metal industries were rapidly in decline and in their wake, were extensive tips of waste slag and derelict buildings. One example of this is the former copper works at White Rock. The Lower Swansea Valley was then the focus of a reclamation and redevelopment scheme which culminated in the establishment of the country's first enterprise zones in the area. ...read more.


Another example of the success of the service based economy within Swansea is the Gower Peninsula, a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is one of the region's principal tourist destinations. While much of the area has been protected from tourist and housing development, there has been extensive development in Oystermouth and Mumbles, and there are numerous caravan sites. The area is under considerable pressure from tourism, as reflected in the number of visitors and traffic congestion in summer. By 1998, the economy of Swansea Bay City was dominated by services which accounts for 80% of employment in the area, compared to the 1900s when it is likely less than 20% were employed within this area of services to the general public. As well as the expansion of service based employment, the geography of services in the conurbation has undergone significant change in the post war period. These changes affected financial and legal services, maintenance and repair services, public services and retailing. ...read more.


This acted to shift the commercial core of Swansea from the High Street south west. To conclude, I think that the move from an industrial base to a service based economy has been successful. The transition was not intentional but merely a result of a number of outside factors which included the Second World War and the fact that there was regional decline in other places across the country, as employment within tertiary industries was better paid and had better benefits. The reclamation and redevelopment of Swansea has been very successful in the post war period, with funding from the local government and agencies across the UK. The economy seems to have grown with the addition of new schools, hospitals and leisure/tourist facilities. The derelict buildings from metal smelting are now used for car sales and repairing as part of a local industrial estate. Alongside this, the Docks have been refurbished to accommodate tourist facilities. Overall the transition from a secondary industrial economy to a tertiary based economy has been rather successful. Tristan Robinson U6A3 Industrial Change in the Swansea Docks ...read more.

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