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Ways the Coast Is Affected By Erosion, Deposition and Transportation From the Sea.

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Aim The aim of this coursework is to find out the ways the coast is affected by erosion, deposition and transportation from the sea. The hypothesis that we are looking at is that: "The coastline at Cuckmere Haven is dominated by processes of deposition" If this hypothesis were proven to be true then we would expect to find long shore drift, spits and bays. Prediction I predict that the process of deposition will shape the coastline of Cuckmere Haven but not only deposition takes place but erosion has another big affect on the beach and cliffs. Background We travelled to Cuckmere Haven, which is located in the south of England. ...read more.


According to the book called: "Longman Geography for GCSE (1997) written by Vincent Bruce" At coasts we should be able to see wave cut notch caused by undercutting of the sea. The book also tells us that the higher the height of the beach means that the particles (pebbles) must be large and it will gradually get smaller as the height of the beach decreases. Method We examined coastal processes, which are erosion, transportation and deposition. We recorded measurements of wave height, frequency and direction and we examined evidence for long shore drift. We sampled pebbles and produced a beach profile. Our first task was to take a field sketch of three different locations. ...read more.


This will help us to support our term of long shore drift. The fifth task was to find out how far a cork will move would move in 5 minutes and at what direction. If the cork travels, therefore this gives evidence of long shore drift. The sixth task was to make a beach profile and record measurements. We first measured the length of the slope where the angle changes. Then clinometer is used to measure the angle of the slope. 10 pebbles are taken at random using a metre square and the sizes are recorded, measuring from the longest axis. The beach profiles shows how a beach is eroded and the pebble sizes show what part of the beach is getting eroded faster. ...read more.

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