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We, humanity, have a remarkable ability to define the world in terms of human needs and perceptions.

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We, humanity, have a remarkable ability to define the world in terms of human needs and perceptions. However, we forget about 'Mother Nature's' urgency to maintain a balance, purity and the need for time to replenish the resources we extract so quickly. Throughout history, humanity has implemented much new technology with an uncertainty of its effect on the environment. Today we are beginning to feel the repercussions of these developments on the environment. However, the worst is yet to come. At this time we have not felt all the damage that will come from our inventions, nonetheless we continue to further pollute and destroy our world. Society has now been educated and shown greater concern to conserve our ecosystem, but it will take much time before we see results from our work, and that is, if it is not to late. In twenty-five years to come, Earth may be well on its way to recovery. As a greater amount of society begins to understand the need for conservation, there should be more action taken to support it. ...read more.


Lastly, as developing nations continue to develop, they can examine our history and avoid many obstacles we were faced with. These newly industrialized nations will not have to leave the same impact on the environment as we did. In twenty-five years to come as they continue to grow, they will have access to our most 'environmentally friendly' technologies, without having to experiment and wait to conclude the aftermath of it's effect on the environment. However, in concern with serving the immediate needs of our own species, politicians make decisions based on economic, social and political imperatives that have vast repercussions on the environment, and on us. Many decisions are made by examining the short-term benefits, while over-looking the long-term effects it may have on the environment and society. Throughout history to present, humanity has often 'jumped the gun'. Countless times have we implemented new technologies into our world without studying the possible effects it would have on our environment for the future. ...read more.


Indeed, global degradation through atmospheric change, toxic pollution, overpopulation, agricultural land loss, deforestation and species extinction now threatens all life and is often caused and exacerbated by our use of more science and technology. Yet we remain oblivious to the costs and negative consequences of new technologies (Suzuki, 88)". This is a colossal reaction to the way we live, one which we cannot afford. This trend of lifestyle will continue throughout the next twenty-five years, leaving our environment even more damaged then it already is. In order to ensure quality life in the future, we must relax our demands and effect on the Earth. Humanity has already stretched the environment's limits far enough in order to fill their needs and wants. As science, technology and population increase so must our awareness of the environment. The Earth must be healthy in order to provide us with the essential needs we require. In twenty-five years from now the environment' s damage may be matched to today's, however if we don't begin to clean up now, the damage may be colossal. ...read more.

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