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Why has the range of indicators used to measure development increased in recent years? Asses the usefulness of these indicators in identifying patterns of world development.

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Essay: Why has the range of indicators used to measure development increased in recent years? Asses the usefulness of these indicators in identifying patterns of world development. Essentially the ideology of development was based on a countries GNP this was down to Rostow's Model; therefore the only indicator of development was a countries economy. The ideologies have changed and now there are a range of indicators that are used to classify a countries development such as social, demographic, hence including quality of life this gives the ideology of development a more multi dimensional view thus a better understand of what a developed country is. There are three categories that are used to measure development they are economic, social and demographic. ...read more.


It also does not take into account the cost of living is different depending on countries for example 10 dollars in and LEDC will buy a person a lot more than what it would buy you in America. GNP's frequent use suggest that development is only based on a countries wealth, where as this not true because development is multi dimensional process. The other economic factors such as better transport link and energy consumption tie in well with GNP and make using a countries economy more useful in considering if a country is developed or not. Some social indictors of development include the adult literacy rate, incidence of doctors and access to a clean water supply. ...read more.


Life expectancy is also another demographic factor. Using all the above factors above gives a rough idea of how a country is developing also they are simple elements to understand and interpret. Classifying countries into developed or developing is important, as we can tell whether a certain county needs international help, in developing or if the country is hit by national disaster or war. In conclusion none of the above indicator is of any use on its own, although when using a range of the inductors together gives a good picture in identifying LEDC's although like any other ideology it should be used with caution. ?? ?? ?? ?? GG4: Inequalities in Development Miss Jones Aaron Evans: Essay 3 - 1 - ...read more.

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