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Child abuse and the risk of abuse.

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Child Abuse Introduction For this assignment I will begin by talking about the risks of abuse within the family, outside the family and in a care setting. Moving onto the next topic which will be the factors that influence things before they happen (predisposing factor). Whilst I am giving an explanation about this, I will relate the abuser of a child, including things such as substance abuse, lack of attachment and many more. In relation to this I will talk about the child/young person that is being abused and the reasons such as pre-maturity and/or disability. Following this I will discuss the types of abuse/neglect and the indicator of abuse. I will also talk about the consequences of abuse meaning the emotional, social and physical ways that the child/ young person will handle it. To conclude this I will make clear of the factors that contribute to abuse and neglect. Risk of Abuse 'Within a Family' Abuse is something that can happen anywhere you go whether it is within your family, outside of a family and in an environment that you are in such as a care setting. ...read more.


This can also make the baby find it harder to adapt to the mother and father easier for the fact that it was a nurse that was looking after him/her so they adapted to the way that the nurse dealt with things. Disability can be a stressful and demanding thing for many parents, if they have a child that is disabled in any way. For many parents they may feel as though they will not want the child/young person and this may cause even more pressure on them. To want to get rid of the child. For some parents they feel as though they do not have the stable ability to look after a disabled child, but for other parents they feel as though they can grow to love the child as if he/she was not disabled and they will deal with the idea. Types of Abuse and Neglect Physical Abuse Physical abuse is when someone physically harms someone using force, whether it is pushing, shoving punching ect. When someone gets physically abused they become paranoid and thy do not feel safe in their environment. Emotional Abuse Emotional abuse is when someone is being name called by someone they love or highly trust. ...read more.


If a child/young person is always looking for food and is constantly hungry, then this is a sign of neglect. Consequences of Abuse Emotional The effects of emotional abuse are: ? The child/young person feeling guilty about things that they have not done. ? They have low self-esteem about themselves. ? They do not feel comfortable about the way they look. ? They become scared easily. ? They find it hard to sleep because they become they become very confused. ? They find it hard to trust people, whether it is family and/or close friends. Social When someone has had social problems they tend to have effects which include: ? Finding it hard confidence in themselves. ? They also find it hard to trust others ? They tend to under-achieve when they are in school because they are in school because they do not concentrate. Physical When people have been physically abused they tend to have not so good people skills afterwards. The effect of being physically abused includes: ? Having fractures on their body ? Having burns and scalds on their body ? They tend to self-harm ? They have bruising on certain parts of the body. Reference 1) L, Eleanor,. BTEC NATIONAL, Health and Social Care, Book 1, Nelson Thrones. ...read more.

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