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developing effective communication

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UNIT 1 DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. UNDERSTAND FACTORS, WHICH MAY INFLUENCE COMMUNICATION AND INTERPERSONAL INTERACTIONS WITH PARTICULAR REFERENCE TO HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE SETTINGS. P3 I am going to use the case study of 'Mrs Singh' to show an understanding of the range of factors that influence communication with particular reference to health and social care. Mrs Singh has a history a bowel problems she was recently admitted to hospital to undergo major bowel surgery, Mrs Singh is now going to be discharged, There is a meeting arranged with the Multi-disciplinary team which will decide on the follow up care Mrs Singh will need when she arrives back in her own home. Mrs Singh will be at the meeting along with her husband who like Mrs Singh does not understand a lot of English, as this is not there preferred language. Mr and Mrs Singh are collected from the ward by one of the nurses just as dinner is being brought around for the patients and shown to the ward day room, When they enter the room is already full of people all talking amongst themselves, some of the staff are eating their lunch at the table as they wont have the time to eat it after this meeting is finished. The day room is very hot and stuffy and there is a strong smell of today's lunch in the air, The room is very bright as there are no blinds up and the sun is shinning directly through the windows, there is a large table in the center of the room and as Mr and ...read more.


Anne stayed very calm throughout the meeting listening to the points of the other members and gave Mr and Mrs Singh some leflets, which were translated into their preferred language. For the first time in this meeting Mrs Singh looked at her husband and smiled. At this point the doctor began waving his hands about asking if the dietician had anything to add and again looking at his watch. The dietician said that she found all the noise from the ward very distracting and gave Mrs singh a list of foods that she should avoid and another list of foods that she should try to eat each day to help her condition she did not take into account what foods if any Mrs Singh's religion or beliefs would have on this list as she though this would take up to much time as she could not speak English and there was no point trying to discuss it with her. Throughout the meeting she showed a negative attitude towards Mr ans Mrs Singh because they could not join in the meeting and just had a sit and listen. The district nurse spent much of the meeting looking at the very tense doctor and thought it best that she would follow up Mrs Singh up at home. At this point the MDT agree on the care package for Mrs Singh. Throughout the meeting Mr and Mrs Singh have been unaware of what people were talking about with the exception of Anne the occupational therapist, they have been unable to put any of their worries or concerns across. ...read more.


Voluntary agencies i.e. Mind and Relate, employ Counselors or help service users/patients. Speech therapist can aid communication and help service users with delayed speech and language. They also help people who have suffered from a stroke to regain their speech and can help with the swallowing reflex, and many more who have lost their ability through trauma, illness, surgery and those service users with hearing difficulty. Many service users require assistance with communication because English is not their preffered/1st language Interpreters are people who communicate meaning from one language to another. This includes interpreting between spoken and signed language such as English and British Sign Language. Translators can be human or technical aids which change recorded material from one language to another. Translators cant translate the meaning behind the message and quite often get the message wrong as they aren't always like for like words in both languages. Braille is used as a way of communication for people who are blind or have limited vision. It uses a system of raised dots that can be felt with the fingers. First published by Louis Braille in 1829 and is now widely used worldwide. Mobile phones can be used to send txt messages between people with hearing difficulties, as can emails, which are also an easy method of communication. Sign language is the 1st preferred language of nearly 70,000 deaf people in the UK and enables them to communicate with each other as well as anyone else who can sign. Makaton is a system that uses speech signs and symbols to help people with learning difficulties to develop their language skills, literacy skills and communication skills. ...read more.

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