Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care P1: Communication of Contexts:

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Unit 1: Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care


Communication of Contexts:

One to one communication:

Means when 2 people communicate with one another sometimes it could be formal, informal, e-mail or even by instant messaging. Professionals talking to colleagues and service users use this kind of communication it requires one's listening, information giving, and questioning skills. One to one communication is a basic everyday ensensel. An example of one to one communication in health and social care setting is a care worker talking to a service user confidentially about their care plan, their holistic health and development.

Group Communication:

Is a small group of people who communicate about a topic and take turns sharing ideas? Some groups have a group leader who would encourage take charge and help everyone group communication is important because the team member should communicate about service users individual needs. An example of group communication in a health and social care setting is in a school staff meeting they would share ideas of how they can implement activities for children to support their individual developmental needs they would also would help and encourage each other oh how to support each others key children and help one another with the EYFS guidelines.

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Multi-Agency Working:

Brings Professional practitioners from different health and social care settings to provide a way of working to support children, young people and there families this ensures that they get the additional support and the right professionals needed to help then. An example of multi agency working in the health and social care setting is a early years centre and a nursery practitioner has noticed signs of a child being abused they would contact social services and maybe even the police.

Forms of Communication:

Verbal Communication:

Is word based and spoken communication we use this kind ...

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