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Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual.

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´╗┐Unit 4 P2: Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual. Lifestyle (Alcohol) Alcohol is a drug that makes an individual feel relaxed; many adults drink alcohol responsibly but some exceed the recommended amount which can be dangerous and cause long term effects which interferes with an individual?s development. The recommended amount for women is two to three units of alcohol a day and the maximum amount is 14 units a week; for men the recommended amount is three to four units of alcohol a day and the maximum is 21 units a week. Most individuals are only aware of the short term effects of alcohol. The effect it has on an individual can be different all depending on how much alcohol was drank, the surroundings/environment the individual is in and most importantly every individual is different so the effects alcohol has on one individual may differ from another individual even if they drank the same amount. The main effect is on the brain. A low amount of alcohol make an individual feel relaxed and makes them more talkative and energetic. High amounts of alcohol causes an individual to not be as accurate when it comes to decision-making which is why it is bad to drive when you have been drinking alcohol. Slurred speech, being unstable when standing or walking, loss of co-ordination and falling asleep are also effects that happen when the brains development is being disrupted and restricted from functioning properly caused by drinking too much alcohol. ...read more.


Sexually Transmitted Infections such as Chlamydia and gonorrhoea can pass to the baby during delivery causing eye infections. Chlamydia is more common, affecting around 5% of pregnancies. It can also lead to chest infections in the baby. Both of these infections are treatable during pregnancy. The lining of the womb for the mother can get infected after delivery this is more prone to happen because the development of the womb is changing, it’s trying to return to its natural state after birth. *Socio-economic (Income) The elderly are one of the biggest groups to live in poverty. This may be because of retirement and no jobs available for the elderly because they are stereotyped as useless; therefore having no income may be a problem especially for those who do not have a pension. Another reason may be due to the cost of health care; because the elderly suffer from many different types of medical illnesses this may leave a dent in their fiancé for example paying for extra vitamins or Chinese herbs and medicines. The elderly that are unable to care for themselves have to pay for care homes. Poverty may have a large effect on a person’s health. Not having enough money to provide products to maintain basic hygiene is a problem associated with poverty; this makes a person prone to all kinds of illnesses and infections which cause problems with their health. ...read more.


This can also affect a person?s health because they may withdraw and feel that they are unable to use the health care services to the fullest. Negative behaviours such as aggression and criminality - Negative behaviours such as aggression and criminality can be triggered by discrimination. Poverty is one factor that surrounds discrimination which can affect a person?s behaviour in a negative way. When facing difficulties in life people may take their anger out on other individuals and also police, teachers and other health care professionals. Negative behaviour towards the staff at the sugar and spice day care centre may make the staff feel in less control over the organisation that they run. Criminality within the day care centre would give the centre a bad reputation and would result in fewer clients because they may be scared that they may have to deal with aggression and abuse. Disempowerment - Making a person or group less powerful or confident; individuals or groups that experience this type of discrimination may fight against it to maintain equal rights. People who don?t fight against it may become depressed and devalued which may lead to health issues. If staff at the sugar and spice day care centre uses this type of discrimination against the service users they may stop using the health care service. The client will feel insignificant and will lose their confidence, this will also make them withdraw and not want to use the health care service provided for them. ...read more.

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