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For this assignment I am going to describe the key aspects of public health strategies

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´╗┐LAILA SULEIMAN UNIT-12 P1 LAILA SULEIMAN UNIT-12 P1 Introduction For this assignment I am going to describe the key aspects of public health strategies. The key aspects of health in the UK are: monitoring health status, identifying health needs, developing programmes to reduce risk/screen for disease early on, controlling communicable disease, promoting health and planning and evaluating health provision. Health status of the community Public health is concerned with improving the health as well as the well-being of local residents rather than treating diseases. The population in Great Britain is made over 60 million individuals. Incidence of illness and life threatening factors are collected at local level and this information is recorded so that an image of the health of the public can be compared as well as measured throughout GB. Certain areas might have higher incidences of some if the diseases; some communities will reveal low incidences of diseases. The health status of the community is dependent on age, gender, socio-economic conditions, genetics and environmental factors. Public Health specialists work in partnership with other professional groups as well as organisations in and outside the NHS; they monitor the health status of the local community, identify their health needs and they find ways of meeting them. ...read more.


There are several types of screening that could be used in different categories. For instance, universal screening involves screening of all individuals in a certain category for instance, all children of a certain age. Case finding involves screening a smaller group of individuals based on the presence of risk factors. Controlling communicable disease Communicable disease is an illness that arises from transmission of an infectious agent or its toxic product from an infected person, animal or lake. This could be transmitted either directly or indirectly through an intermediate plant or animal, host or even environment. This kind of disease can easily widespread when there are more individuals suffering from it. Other diseases that are transmitted can also spread when there are more individuals with that illness than what would normally be expected. For that reason, emergency control measures will be needed. Communicable disease happens to become greater after a disaster than in non- emergency situations mainly when large populations have been moved. Communicable diseases do not continuously develop in the same way in disposed hosts. ...read more.


of interest ? Effectiveness of interventions available ? Relative cost-effectiveness of those interventions ? As well as the Current services, including capacity, quality, effectiveness, efficiency Planning and evaluating is recording exactly how to distribute social services, to make sure that the best results are achieved. Planning and evaluating assesses the provision of basic health services and if they are having enough impact on the problem. Problems to consider when using information for local health service planning include: ? The national data to the local population and conditions. If only national data are available, when applied locally the data may need to be adjusted for the composition of the population such as age, ethnicity and deprivation. ? Many data sources cannot give any indication of who has the health condition of interest but is not accessing services. ? National or regional data may mask inequalities at smaller geographical levels such as wards. ? Data are subject to random fluctuations. Small area data may have very small numbers. Indicators of precision, such as confidence intervals, should always be used in these cases. ________________ | Page ...read more.

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