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Health and social care - the effect of environmental factors like poor housing

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´╗┐Environmental Factors- Damp and overcrowded housing. ________________ England.shelter.org.uk says that there are more than 1 million children in England living in poor housing, and over 900,000 children in England living in overcrowded conditions. A Childs development and healthy growth are dependent on many different factors, this includes the environment that they live. England shelter says that research has been done to prove that a child?s life chances are affected by the standard of living and will affect them in the present and in the future. What is bad housing? Bad housing covers a wide range of housing environments, bad housing consists of homeless, overcrowding, insecurity, housing that is poor in physical condition and living with deprived neighbours. Physical development Children living in poor conditioned housing and overcrowded housing may be underweight due to income from the family, or may be not getting the vital dietary needs that someone needs. ...read more.


Overcrowded housing could result in that child not having anywhere to do his or hers work, not giving them study time to even catch up on the work that they have missed out on, or they may just not have the time to study and may need to help with family income, by having a part time job. Poor living conditions could result in struggle of getting employment after education, due to lack or education. Social Development Due to missing school children living in poor conditions may feel excluded from friendship groups, or even may not have any friends due to the amount of time of school. children may find it difficult to accept that the child with poor housing does not have a lot of money and may not be able to take part in activities with friends outside of school hours. ...read more.


They may feel desperate to have more money and to have a better house, they may see life as a struggle and blame other people on their absence of housing and security. They may feel that because of the overcrowded environment that they have a strong family and appreciate what they have. Children or young adults could experience different feelings. They may feel lost and may find that alcohol abuse and drug abuse may be the only way out for them, and suffer from mental health issues. Poor housing and overcrowded housing can cause many different issues in a child?s development especially their health and their education. The governments every child programme- aims to help every child, whatever background, giving them access to support that they may need. This could be health, staying safe, to enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and to achieve economic wellbeing. ...read more.

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