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HIV English Presentation

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8th Period May 5, 2001 Informative Speech It kills over 300,000 people a year. It can affect anyone regardless of your race, sex, or age. It cannot be seen, treated, readily detected or destroyed. It is capable of destroying millions of people without wars or violence. This thing is AIDS caused by the virus HIV-1. What would you do if you found out tomorrow you had AIDS? How would you react if a family member contracted the disease and was diagnosed with one to three years left to live? The HIV virus that causes AIDS began to affect the nation many years ago and was first discovered and documented by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia in 1979. It is an increasingly frightening disease for which no cure has yet been created. It is important to know however that methods are currently available which can prevent the transfer of this virus, and even slow down its malicious effects before they become fatal. It is equally important to know how to avoid getting the virus and also the symptoms in case you might run across them. ...read more.


As an AIDS patient's immune system deteriorates because of HIV-1, he tends to develop a variety of recurrent or chronic infections. These infections are normally harmless to people with healthy immune systems, but are very dangerous to AIDS patients. In the third stage of AIDS, the patients helper T cell count is down to a very dangerous level. Here, common illnesses that are normally easily defeated such as pneumonia and tumors are deadly to an AIDS patient. He may also suffer from a mental illness known as dementia. After this stage, there is little hope left for a patient. Frequent illness persists and diseases that were extinct for long periods of time flare up in this unhealthy immune system. Always, the cause is death. It should be noted however that the AIDS virus itself does not cause death. Death is caused by the body's inability to defend itself against other invading virii. As said earlier, AIDS is caused by the virus HIV-1. This virus is a single strand of RNA which travels in the blood. ...read more.


That is all drugs can do though. They cannot stop it, only slow it. In the first stages the drugs are very successful and the patient is kept in relatively good health. In the final stages however, drugs are almost completely unsuccessful and the only thing that can be done for a patient is to make him comfortable with easing drugs. The drug azidothymidine has proved very useful in the war against AIDS. Scientists all over the globe are currently working on a cure for AIDS and perhaps one day they will succeed. All these symptoms, causes, and treatments describe the deadly AIDS virus. AIDS is a fatal disease which renders the body helpless against other diseases. Patients lose the ability to defend themselves against virii and die from infections. AIDS is caused by the HIV-1 virus which is transferred to the body through blood and other bodily fluids. There is currently no cure for AIDS, but treatments do exist which can slow the progress of AIDS. Now that you know all this about AIDS, don't you really feel like you need to be more careful out in the world? ...read more.

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