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Identify and explain a range of health, social and early year services that are used by people in your local area. Describe the role and purpose of the services you have identified.

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Unit 10- Exploring services in health care


P1- / P2 Identify and explain a range of health, social and early year services that are used by people in your local area. Describe the role and purpose of the services you have identified.

   Health Services:

 Name of organization:

1. Highgate Hospital


17-19, View Road,


N64 DJ

Tele: 0208 341 4182

Aims and Objectives: Highgate Hospital is a Private Hospital. Being a private hospital service users need to pay for treatment.

Services Provided:

They are specialist in: MRI, X-Ray & Ultrasound, Health Screens & Private GP, Physiotherapy   and Cosmetic Surgery.

Service Users:

The Hospital has treated thousands of patients, men and women, children, adolescents and the elderly. It also treats disabled people.

Type of staff that works in this organization:

Qualified Cconsultant surgeons highly experienced cosmetic nursing staff.


Name of organization:            

 2 .Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

    Address: Rode House
   Midvale Road
   St Helier
   JE2 3YR

   Telephone: 445030

Aims and Objectives:

The service aims to provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for Jersey residents below the age of 16, (or 18 for those in full time education}

Services Provided:

The team receives referrals from professional working with children and adolescents, particularly General Practitioners

Service Users:

They provide working with young people who have significant emotional, behavioural, interpersonal and developmental difficulties, including the full range of psychiatric illness and their families/ carers. The service aims to maintain children and adolescents in their family unit wherever possible.

Type of staff that works in this organization: Their staffs are nurse Therapists, Psychiatrist, Psychologist Social Worker, Administration staff

Source :{ http://www.gov.je/Health/mental_health/camhs/}

Social services

Name of organization:1

 Community Directory City and Hackney Physical Disabilities Service

Address: E Block, St Leonard's,
Nuttall Street,
N1 5LZ

Tel: 020 7683 4403
0845 111 0198 (Call Centre)

 Fax: 020 7623 4383

Aims and Objectives: The main aim of this organization is to make different services accessible, equitable and responsive to all disabled members of the population; to be aware of the different cultural needs and as a service to be responsive to them; to build links and work jointly with other agencies towards a seamless service; to involve clients with ongoing service.

The services provided: The teams provide services to adults and older people with the exception of the Wheelchair Service, which also provides a service to children over the age of three. The Clinical Assessment Service is a central place for all GP Referrals to be received, where clinical screening takes place to ensure patients are seen in the right place, and a call centre for patients to find out information about referrals.

The service users: Disabled people from all different age groups.

The type of staff that work in this organization: Their staff provides Dentists,
Pharmacists, Opticians.
Source {http://www.chpct.nhs.uk}

Name of organization: 2

Community Directory Park side Youth Club

Address: Woodberry Grove,
N4 1SN

Tel: 020 8800 6814
Fax: 020 8800 6814

The aims and objectives: A youth club is for  young teenagers from the  aged  of 11-19 years offering activities such as table tennis, pool, snooker, cooking, football, arts and crafts, video and TV, group work and trips out.

The services provided: The youth service can provide training development and support for individuals who would like to volunteer to work with children and young people or who would like to develop youth projects in the local area.

The service users: A range of workshops include Connexions support/CV workshop, sexual health workshop, self esteem/image workshops, life skills workshop.

The type of staff that work in this organization: It regular youth Forum Meetings and an ongoing Voluntary Worker Recruitment programme. Park side Youth Club is substance misuse point.

Early Services

Name of organization 1:

Windham Nursery School

Windham Road


The Aims and Objectives of the organisation: The nursery can offer a safe and stimulating environment within which each child is encourage    The school can develop every child with a lively, enquiring mind, feels happy, safe and secure, and fulfils his or her potential in every aspect of progress and growth. Their aims is to protects and nurtures the well-being and health of the child, to encourages active learners to question and to gain in confidence and motivation

Services provided: The Nursery provides a broad, to balance curriculum that meets the needs of the child and to reflecting the areas of learning to set out in a national guidelines for children from 3-5 years old. To provide opportunities for children to take responsibility and to share in decision that affects them and also to recognises that children learn through exploration.                

The service users: Children under five

The type of staff that work in the organisation: Teachers, Principal, Deputy Head, Co-coordinators, Cleaners, Assistants.

Name of organization 2:

Early Years Extended Schools and Special Needs Group
Address: Department for Children, Schools and Families
1st Floor
Sanctuary Buildings
Great Smith Street

 Aims and objectives: Their aims are to helping services development in disadvantaged areas alongside financial help for parents to afford childcare rolling out the principles driving the Sure Start approach to all services for children and parents.

Services provided:

They increasing the availability of childcare for all children

They improving health and emotional development for young children

They support parents as parents and in their aspirations towards employment.

Service users: The service user to responsibility for early education and childcare in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland rest with the separate devolved administrations.

The type of staff that work in this organization: Their services bring together universal, free, early education and more and better childcare. Sure Start does this with greater support where there is greater need through children’s tax credit, children’s centres and Sure Start local programmes.

Source :( http://www.surestart.gov.uk/surestartservices/)

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