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Increasing longevity has seriously impaired the government's ability to provide care from the cradle to the grave. Discuss.

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Increasing longevity has seriously impaired the government's ability to provide care from the cradle to the grave. Discuss. People in today's society are living longer, one of the reasons for this is due to better living conditions, also people have higher expectations of what they expect from the government to assist them to have a better life. The NHS is funded from taxpayer's money, so surely these taxpayers should be given the service that they want? But is this always possible? People want their taxes to be lowed, they vote for the politicians that say that they will lower taxes, but then they moan when they have to wait 6 months to have an ingrown toenail removed, or when they have to wait half a day at their local accident and emergency department. So what do people expect? They expect a good NHS service they would like to have the ethos of 'free at the point of contact', which was granted in 1948 by Bevan during the liberal reforms. The phrase 'cradle to the grave' comes from the Beveridge report in 1942. Beveridge stated that we needed to change the ideology based on individualism and replace it to collectivism, this meaning that people needed help to get them selves out of the never ending poverty cycle, ...read more.


I believe that the NHS should be run by doctors and nurses and not be changed time and time again by politicians. However more money is being spent on the NHS and it clear to see that Britain's are living longer and this is because of medical advances as I previously mentioned, prior to the NHS many babies died before their first birthday, diseases that are easily cured have been eradicated, by the materialization of inoculations such as TB, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, mumps and rubella. However the emergence of new diseases are costing our NHS, such as Aids and Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's has become more common because people are living longer, before hand this illness would not have shown, as most people would have died at a younger age before the onset off this illness. Health workers now promote health to help eradicate problems such as heart failure, by making us all aware that obesity is on the rise and by recognising that it needs to be treated in an early stage this will result in less money having to spent in the future on obese patients. This is done by educating people that, five portions of fruit and vegetables are important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. ...read more.


Only time will tell if this will work, I really hope it does, as it is very worrying to think off the children of today not being able to meet the basic costs of living when they retire. To conclude it is very clear to see that people are living longer and something has to be done about meeting the cost of illnesses and the aging population that this brings. Bevan could never predict the changes that have been made within the NHS, and I hope that he would be pleased with the result, even with its problems. The rising cost of living is always going to be a problem, but they government is looking into ways of making sure that in the long term people are prepared, by saving and by health promotion to help them to maintain a healthy lifestyle to hopefully decrease their chances of occurring illness that can be avoided. I feel that there will be more privatisation within the NHS and maybe this will be good, as long as the people whom the NHS was set up to help do not lose their rights to a good fair service. These people being disadvantaged people and the poor, also that no one would suffer as a result of any privatisation. Nicci Waterfield Health & Social care 1 ...read more.

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