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Self-assesment of study time allocation.

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Own Assessment When doing work I set out a plan on how I will reach my dates to get my work in on time, I make sure that I have completed the work on time before the date is due so that I don't get behind. I make sure with a tutor that what I have done partly through an assessment is right so I don't get the whole lot wrong, and I don't have to do a lot of extra work. I use the internet and lot to research information, and also take out books from the library, because these contain very good information, even thought its not entirely up to date. I also usually get someone to proof read my work to make sure its easy to understand and has good fact and information to pass my grades. Exam preparation at school When I was at school I got lots of notes from my teacher when they gave out information, so that I could revise from it. I then asked for information sheets so that I could always have the information and kept it in a file, so I could flick through when I needed it. Writing notes and revising was the best way in order for me to remember information. How previously study met objective: In my gcse's I think I worked well to achieve the grades I did. ...read more.


This is forbidden and can not be used in assignments, and you can get in trouble for this. In health and social care if this is used during a university course then you get into a lot of trouble. Discursive writing is showing to different sides of a story and writing down information about it. It's like a discussion over different matters. There are a few basic structures that relate to discursive writing. In health and social this would be used in leaflets to show of two different sides of an event, to do with your own health. It could be to do with smoking, saying different reason on what people think about it. Persuasive writing is when you try to persuade someone to be on your side when talking about a certain subject. In health and social this is also good in leaflets to persuade people to do different thinks to make sure they are keeping an eye on the health. For example smoking again is a good one to persuade people to stop. Hannah Jackson Wheat affects your studies both negative and positive? There are both negative and positive thing that affects me when I'm studying. I prefer to work in a quiet area where no one can distract me because I am very easily distracted. ...read more.


When I'm doing assignments I like o gather my information by doing different activates and remembering it by that. My least prefer learning style is theorist because I don't like to conclude my work. The disadvantages of being an activist are that you can't always go and do hands on work. Sometimes you can't always do this type of style, because teachers do a lot of lectures and therefore you just have to sit and take notes. It would be good if you were a bit of all of these learning styles because it would make it easier to learn, because you can do more things. Hannah Jackson Upgrade P5 When studying I like to be able to be in a good working mode so that I can get as much work done as possible. I have made a chat and then worked out my percentage of different things I do during a week, I am going o try to improve how much I do college work and cu down on free time. Here Are My results College timetable Sleep Human needs Leisure Time Study Time Work 14 % 39% 8% 27% 5% 7% As you can see I spend most of my time sleeping, this is good because it means that I am getting a good amount of my time resting, which means im alert and not feeling sleepy. I spend too much time doing my own activities, and this needs to be reduced if I want to for fill and achieve my grades. Hannah Jackson ...read more.

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