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The four main types of abuse.

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´╗┐Jordan beldom Four main types of abuse The four main types of abuse are: 1. Sexual 2. Emotional 3. Physical 4. Neglect Sexual abuse is where an innocent person is involuntarily touched or abused in a sexual way, it is only abuse if that person in not wanting to participate or has no clue as to what is going on and is convinced to do something they may not like. When someone is sexually abuses they are always harmed as this is always scaring for the individual. They may not be physically hurt but mentally they are. The sexual abuse can be done by many people, it can be done by someone in your family or by someone you may not even know or a person you may have thought was your friend, it could also be your partner or a previous partner. ...read more.


The abuse may result from physical discipline which may not be appropriate for the child, it could also be the parent who may not be able to control their anger and misdirects it and takes it out on the child. Children who come from homes which punishment is physical may not realise they are being abused. Signs of physical abuse may include unexplained, repeated, or excessive bruises, broken bones, black eyes, or other injuries. Abused children may have long absences from school and may wear inappropriate clothing for weather in an attempt to cover up injuries. They may also be scared to go home, or to be alone with their parent. A child being physically abused can impact them intellectually by not showing up at school or paying less attention to any lessons due to in pain from any of the physical acts done upon them by their parent. ...read more.


These can include food, clothing, housing, education, medical care or supervision. Emotional neglect may include allowing the child to take part in the use of drugs or alcohol or to participate in other maladaptive or dangerous behaviour, allowing the child to witness domestic violence, refusing to obtain needed psychological care which is needed for the child, or failing to provide the necessary nurturing the child will need. A child who is chronically neglected may have a poor attendance for school and also may wear inappropriate clothing for the weather; they may also have poor hygiene. The child may steal food, beg or thieve money. There may be an obvious need for dental or medical care, which they child may not be receiving. The child may be unsupervised for long periods of time and could be out getting into trouble and no one notices or does not care enough for them to even want to notice. ...read more.

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