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Unit 3 Health and Social Care - Care Value Base task 2

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Care Value Base The Care Value Base is a range of standards for health and social care professionals designed to give them guidance when working in health and social care settings. The aim is to improve service users' quality of care by ensuring they get the most appropriate and high quality care suited to their individual needs. The Care Value Base is focused upon three areas of health and social care; equality and diversity, rights and responsibilities, and maintaining confidentiality of information. Equality and diversity: recognising and supporting an individual's needs, and ensuring that their individual values do not have any effect on the quality of care that they receive. ...read more.


Rights and responsibilities: supporting a service user's rights to choose their own lifestyle; make their own decisions and helping them with their responsibilities. For example, a patient has the right to make their own decisions about smoking, but it is the doctor?s responsibility to inform them about the health risks and what smoking will do to their body, so that they can take responsibility for their own choice. Confidentiality of information: Any information a service user provides is private and confidential, whether it be verbal, written, photographic or electronic (for example, an email). ...read more.


Care workers also must be clear of who will view the records, what they will be used for, and what the aim of the records are. For example a doctor must not record irrelevant information about a patient, and any information recorded must only be shared with whom it needs to be shared with, and kept out of view of other patients. An advantage of the Care Value Base is that it ensures everyone is treated properly and that their rights are respected. However, if a care worker has deep rooted prejudice then it would be hard for them to abide by the Care Value Base so this would result in the service users not receiving the appropriate care. ...read more.

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