Legislations within health and social care - unit 3

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Roles and responsibilities

Health and Safety at Work Act:

Employers have the responsibility for everyone on their premises, for example employees, workers from other organisations, service users, visitors etc. The employers are legally required and have the responsibility to carry out risk assessments, provide free health and safety training, and provide free protective equipment/clothing needed. Thy must ensure that they review their health and safety policy regularly.

The health and safety act promotes safety in the workplace of individuals because it ensures that employers are taking responsibility for doing things correctly and legally; if the employers don’t follow these regulations and something happens, they are completely liable.

The completion of risk assessments ensures that anyone (visitors, service users etc.) using the premises are safer, as risks have been assessed and minimalised.

In the Doctor’s surgery, the Health and Safety Act would require the manager of the surgery to carry out a risk assessment, and provide receptionists with basic first aid training (the doctors would already have had this). Someone would be assigned the task of regularly reviewing the surgery’s health and safety policy.


Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations legally obliges employers to keep a record of any accidents, injuries, diseases and/or dangerous occurrences that happen in the work place.

These incidents can be to anyone on the premises (employees, visitors, service users etc.) and it is the responsibility of the employer or the health and safety manager to report these things to either the local council or a health and safety executive.

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These incidents that have to be recorded can be minor, and just need basic first aid, or can be extreme, causing death. The person in charge of recording these incidents will have to say how, where, and why it happened. They can then advise on how to minimise the risk.

In the Doctor’s surgery, RIDDOR would require the receptionists to record any accidents that happen in the waiting room or the corridors leading up to the doctor’s offices.

Manual Handling Operations Regulations:

This act makes it clear that employees should avoid manual handling operations unless necessary. Every manual handling operation ...

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