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James Bond 007 in... Agent Under Fire.

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James Bond 007 in... Agent Under Fire James Bond, has been represented in novels and films for over four decades and several computer games have been made from the films. Electronic Arts are creating a new Bond specifically for the console market, neither based on a film or a book. Previous Bond games have been hit and miss, GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 is considered an all-time classic whereas Tomorrow Never Dies on the PlayStation was mediocre James Bond films have several key components; girls, gadgets, guns, cars, locations and action. Agent Under Fire actually covers these aspects quite well with its multiple game types. Environments are built with lots of polygons and style. Even though you find plenty of offices and hallways, few of them are boring; arched ceilings, curved walls and picturesque window views are everywhere. ...read more.


You might be able to quietly snipe a few lookouts, but sooner or later the game will force you out of the shadows. From there you're no longer a spy, you're a gunner The sound effects are actually notable for their lack of impact. Sure, when there are seven guys coming down on you with machine guns and grenades, the noise is overwhelming, but it's just noise. All of the guns lack disyinguishable features, and beyond gunshots, there's little to listen to 007:AUF is too easy, and with only 12 missions to complete, most players will go through it in a weekend of light play. In the multiplayer arena, though, notice must be given to the bots, which have been added since the PS2 version. Though they lack intense sophistication, they do know how to strafe, choose the best weapon, and hop to the farthest reaches of each map. ...read more.


The visuals are top-flight and it plays smoothly. However, the action has little depth or strategy, and what's there will remind you of other first-person shooters. Extras can be earned through better play, but only a few of the levels are worth repeated run-throughs. Most of them are pure arcade, simply made and simply played. Shoot the bad guys and proceed, linearly, from beginning to end. The driving sequences are an impressive and welcome addition, but you get too little time behind the wheel. What saves 007:AUF from mediocrity is the multiplayer. With plenty of options, great frame rates and bot support, it would be a first-person deathmatch contender even if it weren't the only kid on the block. PROS: - Accomplished and well executed driving levels - Impressive FPS styled levels coupled with good enemy AI - Fair Multiplayer mode CONS: - Horrendous over-use of the James Bond theme song - Poorly scripted storyline - ...read more.

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