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Education through ICT has changed massively over years. For example the National Curriculum requires that children can use computers from an early age and can use all software as they progress into secondary schools and further education.

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Education Introduction Education through ICT has changed massively over years. For example the National Curriculum requires that children can use computers from an early age and can use all software as they progress into secondary schools and further education. Pupils are using ICT in nearly every subject. Social There are many social effects on Education for example the use of walkie-talkies in schools. This is device used commonly within educational establishments to help teachers or assistants to stay in contact with each other when monitoring lunch or break times. Anther example is Motion sensors are small devices that can be placed into classrooms, hallways or lecture rooms. These are designed to detect any movement and if desired they can feed into a central system from which they could alert an alarm if it was set to do so. Phones have a place just about everywhere in the world, and definitely do in education. Phones are used to contact absentees, members of staff during the day or after hours, phone parents or phone in late. Lastly e-mail is the final example. Everyone has a computer nowadays and almost everyone has an email account. This is a method of increasing popularity, which many people in the educational areas try to utilize. This can be used for sending messages to one another or handing in late homework Professional A new technology that has made a huge impact in the world of education is smart-boards. ...read more.


Students use memory sticks, Internet and printers to do their work. Television today has many educational aspects. Channels such as Discovery or National Geographic offer many various documentaries that help with education. Teachers sometimes will set homework to watch one of those films. It is a different way of learning that to some extent is more fun than a classroom. There are also special educational CD's available. They contain videos and software that makes learning more interactive, it makes it more fun. Usually that sort of educational CD's are aimed for the children however, there's also a wide range of that software for GCSE level as well. Benefits Benefits of social are walkie-talkies are free to use, upgrades never need to be made and as long as they are charged they don't need any internet connection or any phone line. Benefits of having CCTV in education is that one camera can see a large area of a room and from one room you can see everywhere in an establishment. Motion sensors benefits are that they are not very expensive to install, they can be placed in the corner of the room and they contain a little amount of electronics meaning less chance of failure. Phones are very beneficial as many people have them, there are landlines built up everywhere so that use can be easy. ...read more.


Personal Drawbacks to using ICT in education are that work can be lost due to power loss or connection problems. Having a computer at home, internet connection and memory stick comes with some costs also Using calculators in some way lowers the students ability to do maths as you become dependent on a machine. Conclusion ICT and electronic devices have a huge use today in education. From classrooms to lecture rooms, and from staff rooms to libraries all use some form of ICT and in many cases they use a large number of them The general benefits are that they are usually very quick and easy to use, additionally most people have access to a phone or a computer etc, and so they are quite familiar with how they work. Additionally they are usually very adaptable and can enrich learning, presentations and class work The general drawbacks are that they often cost a lot to purchase in the first place like a computer or a fax machine, and they can cost a lot to maintain. They can also be prone to crashing often and unsaved work can be deleted. Furthermore they allow you to become very reliant on them, which can have a negative effect when you don't have access to them. Overall ICT and electronic devices play a large role in education with a varying amount of uses. They range from cheap to expensive and from complex to simple but they are becoming increasingly common within education establishments . B'pijdsg'ijgBenefits o ...read more.

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