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Evalution of my database

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________________ Table of Contents Evaluation of the performance of my database Feedback from others Evaluation of my performance during the whole unit Feedback from others Effectiveness o the database as a whole and own performance in the unit How would you improve your database ________________ Evaluation of the performance of my database For my database assignment I used certain Properties for example I used field types and field sizes very well in my work because I changed the size of the field to fit the right amount of data in and also field types is where I choose what sort of data will be entered into my database (etc... Text, Number, and Currency) if these changes were not made my data would have given false data. These were very easy to do as I simply had to use my instinct to know what field size and field types were accurate. Some of my fields didn?t really have to have a certain field size but I chose to put one in as for the field types it was advised for me to put them in as my data would have been entered incorrectly. It is easy to extract useful information from my database because you can easily read the information and the field are named accurately. It is simply to find certain information because there are ways you can use the database to find these information it makes it easier for the customers in the long run to be able to gather information from a certain criteria?s. ...read more.


I have made it clear what quires I have made to show the company?s qualities. The creations of the queries were very difficult for me as I didn?t know exactly what I was doing. Feedback from others Name: Amy Gowland Date: 03/12/12 Comments: ?You have worked to the best of your ability and you?ve shown some understanding in your database? I agree with this comment I believe that I have worked to my best ability and I have understood what I am doing through my database assignment. Name: Jackie Suter Date: 03/12/12 Comment: ?Good work you have achieved some elements in your database but you need to work on the other elements to boost your marks? I have taken these comments into acknowledgement and I also agree with what has been said. So I have made sure that all the elements were mentioned in my database to make sure I get the best mark I can achieve. Evaluation of my performance during the whole unit Throughout the whole unit I managed to use the time I had to work on the unit very well I had no problems completing the work, the work was up to standard and handed in on time. When starting the unit I had no idea what a transactional website was this then became clear when I did some research and was taught about it. ...read more.


you how well the sales are doing and help you see who are buying what products and give them appropriate deals related to the products they buy. It also makes the company more aware of their customers. How would you improve your database Assignment Strengths Weaknesses A Evaluating my work was strength for me. For giving good and bad features. I didn?t know what a transactional website was when I started this assignment. B I knew how to create a flow diagram and enter the appropriate information. I had trouble with doing more advanced diagrams which lowered my marks. C I knew what some of the threats were and how to prevent them. I didn?t know anything about legislations so I had to do a bit of research. D Creating the database was my strength in this assignment. Graphs and queries were my weakness because I wasn?t too sure on how to create them. To improve my database I could do more research on how a database works and also analyse my imported data properly. I could improve on my design in the database assignment also adding more detail to my work can improve my work as a whole. I do not think that there ar4e any other areas that I can improve on. I think that the work I have currently done is done to the best of my abilities. If there were other bits that I have not noticed that need improving I will improve them. ...read more.

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