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fucntional specification

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EDEXCEL GCE IN APPLIED ICT CHAPTER 8.2 Project Proposal Project Name Muscle and Sensibility Manager Cedric Amoah Date 11th September 2009 Client Peacocks Gym Manager Introduction Peacocks gym is boxing and fitness centre based in canning town, east London. The gym specializes in boxing as the manager was a former boxer and would like to continue his legacy. Since 1993 that the gym opened, there has been a growth in the membership and at present there are 10,000 members in peacock's gym. In order for peacock's gym to become even more successful, I have been asked by the manager to create a website that teenagers between the ages 16-19 that would like to use the gym. Presently peacocks gym has a general website which gives information about the gym. The website that I would be creating is going to inform us young adults of the types of physical training we could do, inform us about supplements and protein drinks, the courses to our of taking such doses and advice from trainers, which would help us in deciding what we are going to eat, drink and physically do at peacocks gym or any other gym. ...read more.


Details In order for me to design this website, I could use the following software: macromedia dream weaver which is very good software when it comes creating websites as it is easy to use and navigate. Another software that I can use to create the website is serif page plus 8, this software is very cheap easy to use and very reliable. In addition to the software that I could use to create the website, I would also need to use macromedia fireworks to create animation for the site. Adding to this, I could also use Microsoft movie maker to edit the pictures that I would be putting on the website. The main software that I would prefer to use to create the software is macromedia dream weaver and macromedia fireworks. The reasons why I want to use these two are, they are both very easy to use and very effective; these two are also reasonably cheap. In terms of hardware, the hardware required for the software's chosen to run on is a Fugitsu siemens CPU, which comes with a Intel Pentium 4 dual ...read more.


Conclusion I believe that the agreements to this business proposal will benefit the users of peacock's gym as well as benefit the users of the gym. This is because the project will aid users to do the right thing at your gym and give them a better feeling about using the gym. This sense of safety that the customers have will also bring good customer satisfaction and make customers use the gym more and the theory of running a business is to get as much customers as possible buying your product or using your service in this case in order to boost your revenue and reputation. As mention above, I will inform you of the progress of the project and be assured that the project is in good hands, as long as the proposal is agreed. Agreement to Proceed Signed on behalf of senior management (teacher) Comments Agreement to Proceed Signed on behalf of the client Comments Help Tips: Edexcel Book, pages 143 ?? ?? ?? ?? Cedric Amoah ...read more.

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