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Identify, possible future developments in ICT and explain the impacts they might have on how we shop.

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´╗┐Identify, possible future developments in ICT and explain the impacts they might have on how we shop. [11marks] ICT has changed our life a lot nowadays and it is still developing. From black and white number pad mobile phone to colour touch screen smart phone, from national map book to online portable map, from having a talk with a friend by visiting to simply sending a text message for a talk. All these changes show the rapid development has been made throughout the years. The most significant change on ICT probably is mobile phone. People used to have to carry a heavy landline phone with them when they go out, because it was the only communication device available to them. As the technology slowly changing, human invented mobile phone which is a smaller, lighter size of a landline phone, and both have different telephone number to represent the characteristics. For example, we all know that mobile phone numbers always start with 07xxx xxxxx, and landline numbers always start with 012xxx xxxxx. ...read more.


It is more likely a portable flight ticket and membership card. When people has online checked in for their flight, itinerary documents and boarding pass will usually be sent to them electronically. Now, they will have a choice of saving them on their passbook or print a hard copy of them. In the future, I think people may want to further develop these great tools we have now. They may want to invent a device which is only used for making payments, including all credit cards, membership cards, possibly flight tickets and more. Everything that is essential to shopping and travel can be grouped into one device; I think this will make shopping easier and convenient. If these stick with our smart phones, I think a larger and more powerful battery will be needed for the future mobile phones, due to the large amount of electricity is needed, and batteries do lose their benefit time by time! ...read more.


On the other hand, this might cause low employment in supermarkets because no sales are needed anymore, perhaps there should be a few standby the food shelves to help with products finding. A lot of new development and components are needed for the production of the new devices and tools as well. Especially consumables such as paper and ink, as a lot of these will be used by product designers to do drafts. This will cost a lot of money and time to invent and produce something completely new. A lot of personnel are needed to get involved for every different sides of the production ? finance, paper work, general, marketing, engineering?etc. In conclusion, everything is possible in the future and surely the technology will still be developing. More and more ?high-tech? devices may be appearing in the future and possibly one day, we can just stay home and do shopping including receiving the products straight to our door without physically visiting a shop or even having a postman delivering our products. ...read more.

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