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In the perspective of our country, Medical appointment/treatment (which is a part of the whole Medical system) is very much old-fashioned and backdated.

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PROBLEM DEFINITION In the perspective of our country, Medical appointment/treatment (which is a part of the whole Medical system) is very much old-fashioned and backdated. It is a very long process as well as tiring experience for anyone to go to a doctor in our country. One has to go through a number of obstacles to reach the particular doctor he or she needs/requires. These types of lengthy systems are very much familiar in the government hospitals (obviously in our country). Although, the private hospitals these days are a little bit upgraded, they are not up to standard. Our proposal/goal is to develop a Medical appointment/treatment management system (which is a software) to improve this current hazardous situation. ...read more.


> A good requirement analysis usually leads to quality software production. > The model is quite a suitable one for beginner software developers. PROTOTYPING MODEL > In this model, software can be developed without particular specification of requirements. > Users get a feel for the actual system, as they remain almost directly involved to the upgrading process of the system. INCREMENTAL MODEL > This model may be implemented with very limited amount of resources. As with every increment an upgraded version is released, the first increment can only cover the basic needs required. > This model is useful for surviving in this very high quality demanding, fast changing and competitive software market. DISADVANTAGES LINEAR SEQUENTIAL OR WATERFALL MODEL > The implementation of this model is not iterative. ...read more.


INCREMENTAL MODEL > This model usually doesn't create new software now and then. It keeps on incrementing the same software. > This model is heavily dependent upon customer evaluation. > The ultimate final software product will either take a huge amount of time or never be developed. CONCLUSION After the advantage and disadvantage analysis, we ultimately choose the Linear sequential or Waterfall model for our software development. The reason is, it is easy to use and we are going to make sure of a good requirement analysis. We are not going for Prototype model because we have quite a good experience ourselves of the current Medical services provided. The rough idea is almost straight forward what we want to do. Therefore, there is no need of random customer participation during the process of the software development. The Incremental model is left out for we do not have that much time for producing the final product. ...read more.

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