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REVIEW OF FOOD & BEVERAGE SYSTEMS CHOICE OF FOOD PRODUCTION SYSTEMS There are many different business types in the hospitality field, including hotels, restaurants, in-flight catering, outside catering, industrial catering and institutional catering. There are examples of each of these organizations that are run by both, either the private or public sectors. Depending on the organization and who it supplies there will be many different ways and styles of preparing foods. In order to gain a good knowledge of something it is vitally important that it is observed closely in all its aspects. Bearing this in mind, different sectors and institutions have been chosen to be studied, in order that an in depth investigation into them will yield good comparisons of the similarities and differences in the typical running of these institutions. Firstly, selecting the in-flight catering sector it has been chosen to study Karins Catering, which is a company that caters sandwiches for airline companies. ...read more.


established business such as Karins, and an in depth investigation into how Gascote has achieved these commendations through its production systems can be looked into. As mentioned, the menu at Gascote is one reason for its developing a good name in the catering, particularly NHS catering sector, is its choice of food i.e. Menu, since this strongly takes into account patient choice whilst bearing in mind patient health and fitness in terms of nutritional value, and special diet e.g. allergies, pre and post-operative patients and food for diabetes suffers; also as well as being diverse the food items on the menu are also relatively cheap. the allowance for food per patient per week is �12.30, this is for a three meals per day, as well as extras such as tea, coffee, soup and fruit, within this Goscote is able to offer the a the wide range of good quality food mentioned above, from this we can deduce and check the high level of efficiency of the catering system that must be in place. ...read more.


Malwari (like Gascote) is renowned for its menu which offers a large diversity of food types, including barbeque, Continental, Chinese and in particular traditional Pakistani foods. The different food types catered by each of the different intuitions will show how the appropriate catering systems for each, will consequently vary from each other. Malwari has further been selected since menu design and item pricing due to the location of the restaurant is a highly delicate process, because Malwari is situated in an area that is en-route by both expensive residential estates as well as lower quality government housing colonies, so it can be studied how well Malwari is able to cater for its diverse customer assortment. The comparable high quality and commended service of each of these very different sectors in the catering field will allow not only an investigation into how each business achieves these through appropriate catering and service systems, but also enable a look into how efficient each institution is in these aspects. ...read more.

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