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Exceptance of into the community

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EXCEPTANCE OF INTO THE COMMUNITY The Australian legal system has come a very long way in terms of helping migrants access genral services and obtan information which they require. Australia has accepted multiculturism and at the moment migrants are provided with more help then they have ever received before. Before the 1970's if a person whished to come to Australia they had to complete a test set by the government, the test could be in any European language that the government wished to set it in. The government allowed this test to be set under the Immigration Restriction Act 1901 (Cwlth). Because of this test the Australian government could pick and choose who they allowed in the country, the majority of the people kept out of the country were Asians. Australia recognised that their assimilation policy was a failure and was portraying a negative image of Australia to the rest of the world, especially to the Asian-Pacific region. So due to Diplomatic factors the White Australia Policy was scrapped and a new policy of multiculturism was excepted. Since the exceptence of multiculturism migrants have been given more help so that they can fit into society and go about everyday things. When "unwanted" migrants (ie Asian) were allowed into the country they found it difficult to assimilate as the government wished them to do and instead they clung ...read more.


In order to stop descimination legislation has been brought in to stop discrimination, The racial discrimination Act 1974 (Cwlth) prohibates the discrimination against anyone due to their race or ethnicity. Racism is one of those areas which the government has tried to stop but has not been as successful as they could have been. The Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) does not allow people to discriminate against people because of theirrace, gender, sexuality, marital status or disability. The protection of the Anti-Discrimination Act is seen higher then the racial discrimination Act, the racial discrimination Act does not prohibate indirect racism but the Anti-Discrimination Act does provide protection from indirect discrimination. Despite the fact that racial discrimination has dropped over the years, there are still people out there who hold racist veiws, this can been seen with the example of the One Nation party, who had anti Asian migration policy's and at on stage One Nation had the support of 12% of Australia's population. But if a migrant or encounters racism they may report it to the Human Rights of Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC). HREOC is a government run organisation which provides mediation and help for both parties involved in the racism. The Austrlain Government also helps migrant settle in by providing ethnic media such as newspapers, television channels such as SBS and also SBS radio which is broadcast in 68 different languages which is more than any broadcaster in the world. ...read more.


In the late 1960's and the early 70's multiculturism was a very new thing which was not widely excepted, but in that time the government has made huge steps to tackle that problem. People are now more excepting of multiculturism and those who still hold racist veiw are seen as a minority. Dispite the fact that in 1998 when the One Nation Party gained 12% of the Australian populations support, support has now lowered and it cannot be said that, the entire 12% was in support of the Anti-Asian policy. The government has made racism against the law but still allowed people the freedom of their own opinions, because under The racial discrimination Act Racially offensive behaviour between friends is not covered by this act. Some people may think that is a bad thing but this allows people freedom and not be guilty of "thought crimes." Changes should be made to the legal system so that it is easier for migrants to gain access to the court system. Migrants dispite being seen as different, they can still get into civil situations just like Australian born people, but unlike Australian's they are disadvantaged when it come to the court system. That's why more effort should be put in to tackle the problem of migrants not being able to accesss the court system. Language barriers have to be broken down in order for migrants to truly feel that they are aquireing justice. ...read more.

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