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I have seen the Care Standards Act in practice while on placement at a residential home. Standards are set and then met in order for the residents to get the best care possible.

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Care Standards Act 2000 This Act was at first published onto two papers called 'white papers' by the government in 'November 1998 and March 1999,' http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/en2000/2000en14.htm 13/2/06 The main purpose of this Act is to reform the regulatory system for care services in England and Wales. Care services consist of residential care homes, nursing homes, voluntary adoption services, private and voluntary health care services etc. I have seen the Care Standards Act in practice while on placement at a residential home. Standards are set and then met in order for the residents to get the best care possible. Children Act 1989 The Children Act is about the welfare of the child and it has children's best interests at heart. They make sure that children are being looked after appropriately and there is no abuse going on. The main principles that are appropriate from this Act for a health and social care worker are that they need to be aware of things such as abuse e.g. ...read more.


They must do everything within their power to make 'reasonable adjustments to ensure that a disabled person is not placed at a substantial disadvantage,' http://www.surrey.ac.uk/dsg/dsfs.html 13/2/06. While on placement I saw this Act in practice. Some of the residents there have disabilities and mental health issues. These people aren't looked at by the workers as 'different,' at the end of the day they are still human beings like the rest of us and deserve to be treated with respect. Human Rights Act 1998 This Act aims to 'Incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights into domestic law and building a culture of rights harbours the potential to improve the protection of women's rights and interests and to secure an amelioration in the quality of their lives.' There are sixteen basic human rights that have been incorporated into the UK law e.g. right to life, prohibition of torture etc. ...read more.


It protects people from being sexual discriminated against. It is relevant for a health and social care worker because they may have to deal with cases like this where someone has been sexually abused. The health and social care worker needs to know the persons rights and what the Sex Discrimnation Act entails. I have not yet seen this act in practice. Race Relations Act 1976 This Act aims to protect people from being disciminated against because of their race.This Act introduces general duties which are, 'eliminate unlawful discrimination, promote equal oppertunities, and promote good race relations,' http://web.portsmouth.biblio.net/Policies/RRA.htm 13/2/06. A health and social care worker must take this act into account when working with someone that is a different race to them. They must make sure that they don't discriminate them by for example judging them because of their colour. I have not yet seen this act in practice. ?? ?? ?? ?? EDR Rebecca Roberts ...read more.

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