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The winslow boy

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The two main themes I think of this play are justice and innocence. Firstly It is about justice because all Ronnie's father Arthur wants is justice and to save the family pride and name from looking bad. He doesn't want people thinking his family are thieves. Secondly it is about innocence, Arthur is trying so hard to prove that his son is innocent he really does believe Ronnie that he didn't steal the postal order and wont stop until the judge agrees he is innocent. The play begins in the drawing room of the Winslow's house in court field gardens, south Kensington. It is a time just before the war 1914-1918 it is Sunday morning. In act 1 scene 1 the book is all about Ronnie when he first gets back from his school expelled. He has a letter from his school principal explaining why which he must give to his parents to read, but he doesn't. When he comes home from school he speaks to the maid he tells her that term has ended and then goes and hides in the garden from his parents with the letter so as they wont spot him. His parents get back from church and he is still stood in the garden it is now raining. ...read more.


If you did it, you must tell me. I shan't be angry with you, Ronnie-provided you tell me the truth. But if you tell me a lie, I shall know it, because a lie between you and me can't be hidden. I shall know it, Ronnie - so remember that before you speak. Did you steal this postal order?' 'No father I didn't' replied Ronnie.' Arthur now believes Ronnie that he is innocent and did not steal the postal order, he gets his solicitors then to take the matter up with the Lords Of Admiralty and demanded the fullest possible enquiry, but he was met with a blank refusal, and only finally got permission to view the evidence. His solicitors then decided that the evidence was unsatisfactory, and fully justified the re-opening of proceedings. They applied to the Admiralty for a court Martial. They were ignored. They applied for a civil trial and again they were ignored. But after tremendous pressure had been bought to bear-letters to the papers, questions in the house and other means open to private citizens of the country-the Admiralty eventually agreed to what they called an independent enquiry. However he was found guilty again thus branded for the second time a thief. ...read more.


Understandably Ronnie is incredibly nervous about the court trial so he stumbles up a few times with what he is trying to say which leads Sir Robert into think he is lying even more which he swears he isn't. During the interrogation Sir Robert asks what Ronnie doing during the day of the incident and Ronnie replies went to the post office to cash a postal order. Sir Robert notices his use of words, 'Cash a postal order?' 'I mean get' 'I suggest you meant cash' said Sir Robert replied. 'No, no it wasn't. It wasn't really. You're muddling me.' 'Your seemed easily muddled. How many other lies have you told me Ronnie?' You can feel the tension mounting up as Sir Robert makes Ronnie look completely guilty and a liar. Sir Robert; 'I suggest there is barely one single word of truth in anything you have said either to me, or to the Judge Advocate or the Commander. I suggest that you broke into Elliot's locker, that you stole the postal order for five shillings belonging to Elliot, and you cashed it by means of forging his name. 'No sir I didn't replied Ronnie weeping.' This argument ends and Ronnie is amazingly found innocent. At the end of the play you are left with Ronnie's name cleared and the Winslow family happy to get on with life again. ...read more.

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