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I am going to estimate the population of woodlice in parts of the school ground, using Lincoln Index.

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                                                  PARTS OF THE SCHOOL GROUND

Aim: - I am going to estimate the population of woodlice in parts of the school ground, using Lincoln Index.


 White trays, gloves, nail polish and spoon.

     This investigation would be performed, using the mark-release recapture technique.


A certain area is marked out and then by lifting up stones and pieces of decaying wood, woodlice found are picked up by using a spoon and placed in a white tray.

  The amount of woodlice caught is counted and then each woodlouse

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Number marked in second sample, m


Lincoln Index

Total population =  (S1 x   S2)/ m

 Total population of woodlice = (35 x 39)/ 2

                                                =   682.5

                  Approximately 683 woodlice are present in this area.

This method is reliable if I assume that

  • The marked woodlouse mix evenly with the unmarked;
  • Being caught the first time does not increase or decrease the likelihood of the woodlouse being caught the second time;
  • There are no births or immigrations between marking and recapture;
  • The marked woodlice behave in the same way as the unmarked and suffer no ill effects from the mark.
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  The number of woodlouse caught by the green group was higher in the second sample and they had the highest number of marked woodlice in their second sample. This may have been as a result of migration of woodlouse into this area as it was drier and well sheltered.

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