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I chose to investigate the relationship between the height and weight of year 7 students. I think that as the height increases, so will the weight.

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Jenny Hodgson 11A

Maths Statistics Coursework


I chose to investigate the relationship between the height and weight of year 7 students. I think that as the height increases, so will the weight. This means there would be a positive correlation. I think that the correlation coefficient will be between 0.5 and 1 because that is strong positive correlation.

 -1                                          0                                                1



negative                            no                                              positive

correlation                         correlation                                 correlation


To investigate my hypothesis, I used given data from Mayfield High School. It contained information such as name, age, height, weight, IQ, eye colour, hair colour etc.

Using a computer, I opened the data using Microsoft Excel.

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I discarded my outliers in the data. I discarded data which either had very tall or very heavy people on and this may be false data, unreliable and affect my final result.

I needed a sample of 50 students and I had 200 year 7 students. To get my sample of 50 students, I used systematic sampling. To get a sample of 50 out of 200 I chose every 4th sample. I then copied and pasted every 4th sample onto a new data sheet to get the samples I needed.

Again with the computer, I drew a scatter graph to show the information of my sample. I calculated r and drew a regression line on the graph.

I then printed out my scatter graph and my sample.

Calculating r

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To extend and improve my investigation, I could look at more students than just year 7 students. I could look at years 8, 9, 10 and 11. This would help me to see if the same conclusion applies for most people. I could also investigate boys and girls separately to see if there is any difference of the relationship between height and weight between the different genders.

To do my coursework, I used Microsoft Excel. I think this had a lot of advantages because it sorted my data for me, drew a scatter graph, calculated r, and drew the regression line. This all made it a lot quicker and easier for me. I don’t feel that using the computer had any disadvantages.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Probability & Statistics section.

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