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An investigation into the dangers that are present in the 'mosh pit' at rock concerts.

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AN INVESTIGATION OF PATRONS SAFETY IN ROCK CONCERTS MOSH PITS Prepared by: Trent Saunders Date: 10 September 2002 TABLE OF CONTENTS SUMMARY 2 1.0 INTRODUCTION 3 2.0 DESCRIPTION OF A MOSH PIT 4 2.1 DANGERS IN A MOSH PIT 4 2.2 CROWDSURFING AND STAGE DIVING 4 3.0 INJURIES SUSTAINED IN MOSH PITS 5 3.1 COMMON INJURIES 5 3.2 SERIOUS INJURIES 5, 6 3.3 REPORTED DEATHS 6 4.0 CURRENT MOSH PIT REGULATIONS 6 4.1 CROWDSURFING AND STAGE DIVING REGULATIONS 6 4.2 AGE RESTRICTIONS 7 5.0 POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENTS FOR PATRONS SAFETY 7 5.1 REDUCING MOSH PIT DENSITY 7 5.2 COMPULSORY AGE RESTRICTIONS 7 5.3 BANNING STAGE DIVING AND CROWD SURFING 8 5.4 VENTILATION AND DRINKING FOUNTAINS 8 5.5 BANNING CERTAIN CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES 8 5.6 BANNING CERTAIN SUBSTANCES IN MOSH PITS 8 6.0 CONCLUSION 9 SUMMARY This report is an investigation into the dangers that are present in the 'mosh pit' at rock concerts. The report outlines the causes and frequency of injuries occurred in the 'mosh pits' and the severity of most injuries occurred. It also outlines the main causes of the accidents that occur and the precautions taken to help avoid these accidents. It is found that injuries in mosh pits happen frequently and in many cases are quite severe. Several deaths have also occurred as a result of mosh pit related incidents. ...read more.


The price of water at these venues is usually quite large so patrons will buy as little water as possible resulting in dehydration. Cigarette burns are from the allowance of cigarettes into the 'mosh pit' area and abrasions occur either from studded clothing or accessories worn by other patrons or falling to the ground. 3.2 SERIOUS INJURIES Serious injuries are a lot less common yet still occur in some 'mosh pits'. Serious injuries include broken bones ( necks, fingers, arms, noses etc) and fractured skulls. Almost all these injuries are a result of crowd surfing and stage diving. If a crowd surfer or stage diver falls through the top of the crowd and lands on their head it may result in a fractured skull or a broken neck. If they do not land on there head they may also receive other fractured bones. The most common fractures are broken arms, ankles, legs, fingers and noses. 3.3 REPORTED DEATHS Deaths caused by mosh pit related incidents are not as uncommon as most people think. More then 70 mosh pit related deaths were reported worldwide during 1999. Since 1997 there has been three Australians killed in mosh pits. The most common cause for these deaths is from people being trampled due to an overcrowding. As the venue is so overcrowded when a patron falls over it is usually very difficult to make room for the person to get back up again. ...read more.


It will also help the number of people who faint decline in number considerably. This would be as a result of patrons being able to keep there fluid levels up and being kept at a cooler temperature. 5.5 BANNING CERTAIN CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES Studded clothing and accessories are an enormous problem in mosh pits. They can cause abrasions and are a general hazard when in a confined space with a person wearing them. 5.6 BANNING CERTAIN SUBSTANCES IN MOSH PITS Cigarettes and alcohol are a serious problem. Alcohol can infer peoples common sense. Cigarettes are often burnt on other patrons as a result of limited space between people. By banning alcohol there would be a general decline of injuries in all areas as a result of people having a greater limit of common sense. By banning cigarettes it will stop people from getting cigarette burns. 6.0 CONCLUSION After investigating this issue I conclude that there is a definite need for compulsory regulations to be made for 'mosh pits'. It is obvious that the majority of injuries that occur at rock concerts could easily be prevented as a result of compulsory regulations being brought in for venues to abide by. 7.0 RECOMMENDATIONS My recommendation is that the following regulations be made compulsory for rock concerts with a mosh pit: * REDUCING MOSH PIT DENSITY * COMPULSORY AGE RESTRICTIONS * BANNING STAGE DIVING AND CROWD SURFING * VENTILATION AND DRINKING FOUNTAINS BEING PRESENT AT THE VENUE * BANNING CERTAIN CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES * BANNING CERTAIN SUBSTANCES ( EG CIGARATTES AND ALCOHOL) 0 ...read more.

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